Where will a BMS(Hons) take you?

When you choose a degree, you're opening up countless new opportunities. Read about some of our successful students and recent graduates.

  • Kym Hambly

    Human Resource Management
    Human Resources hadn’t really crossed Kym Hambly's mind as a potential career option until she took a paper on organisational behaviour in the second year of her Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree.

  • Nick Robertson

    I enjoyed studying Economics at high school, so after taking ECON100, Business Economics and the New Zealand Economy, I was certain this was what I wanted to major in. It gave me the confidence and skills to deal with large amounts of data and to deliver insights through the analysis of numbers.

  • Matthew Osborne

    Economics, Finance
    When he’s not focused on the financial markets, Matthew Osborne is enjoying the waves on Sydney’s northern beaches. The BMS(Hons) graduate works for the financial markets team at Westpac Institutional Bank, where his expertise in in foreign exchange (FX) derivatives.

  • Greg Johnston

    Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management
    If you’re looking to start your own business, the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree is ideal

  • Rebecca Foote

    Public Relations, Strategic Management
    We’re a nation of small businesses, so understanding the business and management side of things is a big advantage in any career. I was able to tailor my degree to focus on Public Relations, backed by a solid foundation of business knowledge – there are few other degrees that offer that kind of flexibility.

  • Sharma McIntyre

    Finance, Strategic Management
    Variety is the spice of life for Waikato Management School graduate Sharma McIntyre.

  • Courtney Dick

    Economics, Law
    By going in-house, I have been able to utilise both my degrees. It’s nice to be part of the business process and strategic management, and I work with multiple teams including finance, creative, procurement and strategic.

  • Kajol Thanki

    My time at Waikato has been characterised by a lot of learning and personal growth. I’ve learned new skills and have been pushed outside of my comfort zone through experiences that I could never have imagined I would be a part of when I first started.

  • Brittany Oliver

    It has been an absolute whirlwind, but I have loved all the learnings and experiences. I now get to manage the global business development of the range across sales, marketing and operations. It has been epic! I'm still learning every single day.

  • Samaria Mason

    Digital Business, Electronic Commerce, Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management
    I know that I'll be able to use my business degree from Waikato to work anywhere in the world, and that I'll always be learning.

  • Genevieve Pye

    Finance, Strategic Management
    Genevieve Pye says the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree has given her a fantastic springboard for her career in banking.

  • Cathan Bowler

    Finance, Strategic Management
    I’d heard the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours (BMS(Hons) degree had a mean reputation, so I thought, this is going to be something special. It has really opened my eyes up to so many new opportunities that I didn’t even know existed.

  • Daniel Stevenson

    Finance, Strategic Management
    When Daniel Stevenson finished his management degree at Waikato, he headed straight to Sydney to work for Deutsche Bank. Now he's working on Wall Street in New York.

  • David Dai

    Economics, Finance
    The future looks promising for David Dai, who’s landed a top role as a senior associate at BNZ Waikato – normally reserved for the best and brightest graduates after 12 months of intensive training.

  • Bradley Sam

    Economics, Law
    “My exchange was one of the best parts of my university life. It’s been a positive discussion point in job interviews and has definitely helped me get to where I am today.”

  • Nathan Carrasco

    Economics, Finance
    Nathan Carrasco feels grateful for the many opportunities he’s enjoyed as part of his management degree at Waikato. They include some incredible lecturers, a summer internship at the Commerce Commission in Wellington, and the WMS Case Competition. "I thought Waikato was the right place for me because it’s slightly smaller scale, so it’s really friendly and supportive. I liked the lecturers as well; their office was always open to have a chat.”

  • Aaminah Ghani

    Marketing, Supply Chain Management
    What makes Waikato special is the staff and students. The university just has this atmosphere, this energy, where it’s all about collaboration, and you can create those connections with people in a really genuine way.

  • Bella Takiari-Brame

    Accounting, Finance, Māori and Pacific Development
    The experiences and peers that I met during my time at Waikato are forever connected. The University has a special place in my heart and always will. It offered lots of opportunity for Māori when I first started studying here, and still does

  • Callum Saunders

    I realise that I won’t be cycling competitively forever and I’ll be able to put my degree to good use.

  • Stacey McIntosh

    Marketing, Public Relations
    Stacey McIntosh is the brains behind one of New Zealand’s latest fashion successes, and if you’re a bit clothes-obsessed, it’s likely you’ve heard of it.

  • Dylan Wilson

    Strategic Management, Supply Chain Management
    I’ve always known that I wanted to do a management degree at Waikato, because it suits my personality so well. I really enjoy talking to people and trying to solve problems. I was considering going to university in Auckland, but I’d heard really good things about the four-year Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree here in Hamilton; that it was well regarded by employers and includes a practical work internship; so that had a big influence on my decision.

  • Te Aorangi Murphy-Fell

    Finance, Māori Language/Te Reo Māori, Strategic Management
    I knew that Waikato had a good reputation for caring about tikanga Māori and Māori students, so that was a big pull for me. The Management School also has a great reputation. For me, my career and life goals are not focused on making money; that’s just a by-product of doing work that is valuable in its own right. I'd like to contribute to the development and strengthening of the Māori economy, which is set to get even bigger in the future.

  • Luke Dingle

    Finance, Strategic Management
    He’s a financial adviser by day, and a champion powerlifter by night. In his role as an associate at PlanWise in Mount Maunganui, Luke Dingle gives professional financial advice to clients about personal insurance and mortgages.

  • Louis Wilks

    Marketing, Strategic Management
    The really great thing about Waikato University is the people, the lecturers, and all the friends you make.

  • Anna Caudwell

    Accounting, Economics
    The business degree at Waikato involves so much group work which helps you learn how to work with others to achieve a common goal, rather than competing against others – I think this aligns really well with working in the real world.

  • Ella Tappin

    Ella Tappin is well on track to fulfilling her ambition of becoming a chartered accountant since graduating as Waikato's top accounting student in 2013.

  • Mark Wilson

    High-flying BMS alumnus Mark Wilson is CEO of Aviva, the UK"s largest insurance company, with 34 million customers worldwide.

  • Ebony de Thierry

    Master of Management Studies graduate Ebony de Thierry says "digital marketing is massive at the moment", and she's enjoying her new career as a digital marketing manager in London.