Where will a CUP take you?

When you choose a degree, you're opening up countless new opportunities. Read about some of our successful students and recent graduates.

  • Williame Daveta

    I delved deeper into the understanding of the human brain and how each component functions. Psychology is an incredibly captivating field that has driven me toward a career path in clinical psychology.

  • Molly McGregor

    Go for it! CUP and the student advisors have strengthened my decision to attain a higher education. The support systems at Waikato University are there to help you so bring your passion, your drive and a willingness to learn.

  • Greg Pearce

    Finance, Management
    Greg Pearce has built America's Cup yachts, and worked on international aerospace and energy projects. But it took him 20 years to begin his tertiary education at the University of Waikato - and he certainly doesn't do things by halves.

  • Rebecca Prestidge

    Molecular and Cellular Biology
    The CUP programme prepared me for what I’d face when I started my degree – it really set me up for uni.

  • Roman Akroyd

    CUP made the transition from working to university life easier and I met similar students in the same position as me, which helped to ease my perception of university.