Where will a MBM take you?

When you choose a degree, you're opening up countless new opportunities. Read about some of our successful students and recent graduates.

  • Anthony Baker

    Anthony Baker beat 140 other applicants to be selected for a graduate role at Zespri, the global kiwifruit exporter. Now he's working for Zespri's international marketing team and travels the world with his job. So what made him stand out from other candidates? Anthony believes it was his MBM degree from Waikato that made all the difference.

  • Samuel Mackenzie

    My MBM study helped me every step of the way; I haven't looked back.

  • Siddhant Shirole

    The structure of the course is brilliant, all the papers are selected carefully. The teachings of one paper are relatable in another, and it is extremely well taught with the help of real-life situations faced by people.The lecturers bring enthusiasm and positive energy so students can engage and excel in their class.

  • Rashmi Singh

    Originally from India with a degree in engineering, Rashmi Singh was looking for a comprehensive one-year management course to help her grow into a future business leader. Waikato had the strong reputation and Triple Crown accreditation she needed.

  • Norah Guan

    Master of Business and Management student Norah Guan had the opportunity to apply theory into a real-world scenario while completing her internship at Blue Pacific Minerals.

  • Mercedes Isasmendi Escudero

    I want to be able to contribute to good ideas becoming a reality and generate a positive impact on communities and the environment. My time at the University of Waikato has certainly set me on the right path to make that a reality.

  • Jed Mark Del Castillo

    Jed Mark Del Castillo completed an internship with a New Zealand business as part of his MBM degree, and took part in the University of Waikato-led Market Insights Project.

  • Alex Johnson

    I was drawn to the MBM because it was a one-year master’s degree that covered 12 business and management subjects. The programme offered practical experiences and insights into real world business realities

  • Akiv Rohekar

    Hailing from Pune, the educational capital of India, Akiv had a clear picture in mind about where he wanted to study for his masters degree - Waikato Management School.

  • Tayla Carson

    I wouldn’t change my MBM experience for anything. It’s just one year, and it’ll change your life! The course is much more practical and relevant than I thought it would be. Everything you learn in class, you can see it happening every day in real life.

  • Keerthana Suresh

    “Studying the MBM was a fantastic experience,” says MBM graduate Keerthana Suresh, who is now living in Wellington, New Zealand. “As an international student, I felt at home and protected at Waikato Management School.”

  • Yin (Lucia) Liu

    Lucia Liu is riding high on life since completing her Master of Business and Management at Waikato. Originally from China, she is thrilled to have found her place at Kiwi export company Comvita, while still being able to live in China.

  • Blake Johnson

    The 12-month MBM master’s degree didn’t require me to have done any previous business study, so it was the perfect option for me.

  • Razel Blaza

    With a biology degree under her belt, Razel Blaza felt it was time to ditch the white lab coat and work more closely with people. The Waikato MBM degree enabled her to launch a new career in the world of business and marketing in only one year.

  • Shilpi Sharma

    Business adviser Shilpi Sharma says the Waikato MBM opened doors for her in the business world and equipped her to become a leader.

  • Michael Sparrow

    After completing the Master of Business and Management (MBM) at Waikato University, Michael has now found his dream job as a business analyst for Air New Zealand.

  • Nitika Bothra

    Becoming a data analyst was Nitika’s number one goal when she left India to study a master's in business at Waikato University. Her hard work has paid off. She now works as an asset data analyst for Watercare Services Ltd in Auckland.

  • Xiaokun Deng

    The University of Waikato is fantastic because of the resources and help they provide through student services. The assistance you get as a student here exceeded my expectations.

  • Guillermo William Revelo

    Studying at Waikato not only gave me academic knowledge, but it also helped me discover my potential as a leader and my passion for community work.

  • Saul Wells-Lakeland

    Saul Wells-Lakeland decided he wanted to work in the corporate work after finishing his social sciences degree – and the Master of Business and Management proved to be his ticket to success. Mid-way through the course, Saul secured himself a graduate sales and marketing role at a global health company in Auckland.