Stories from our Accounting students and alumni

Studying Accounting gives you new knowledge and skills, and a lot of new choices in life. Here's how things have turned out for some of our Accounting students and alumni.

  • Anna Caudwell

    Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours
    The business degree at Waikato involves so much group work which helps you learn how to work with others to achieve a common goal, rather than competing against others – I think this aligns really well with working in the real world.

  • Judit Dervadelin

    Master of Professional Accounting
    I wanted a shorter course, and Waikato was the only university in New Zealand offering an intensive 14-month masters in accounting.

  • Tim Doyle

    Graduate Diploma
    The whole student experience at Waikato was awesome; it creates a huge network after completing university too.

  • Hayley Flett

    Master of Professional Accounting
    It was exactly what I was looking for. Being able to say that I’m the first in my family to have a master’s degree is also pretty awesome.

  • Linzi Gao

    Master of Professional Accounting
    Linzi Gao is an international student from Sichuan, China who is motivated to build a successful career for herself as a Chartered Accountant and start a new life in New Zealand.

  • Tom Leslie

    Bachelor of Business
    I wanted to study business because it’s an area that has always interested me; it opens the door to a lot of different career options. My family runs a logging business in Whangarei, and when I left high school I started up my own labour contracting business.

  • Artika Sharma

    Master of Management Studies
    Artika Sharma says the specialist skills she developed from completing a Master of Management Studies in Accounting at Waikato really helped her to stand out from other candidates when applying for jobs.

  • Brad Sherman

    Bachelor of Business Analysis
    Brad Sherman has been a gardener, a cook in a takeaway bar, exercised dogs for a pet motel, ushered at Chiefs rugby games, and tutored university students. Thanks to his BBA degree at Waikato, he's now employed as a consultant for Deloitte New Zealand.

  • Aleena Sutton

    Bachelor of Business Analysis, Master of Management Studies
    Studying accounting provides you with many different options. It enables you to work in various branches of accounting and a wide range of industries. It’s also beneficial if you want to start up your own company or work in other areas of business.

  • Ella Tappin

    Bachelor of Management Studies
    Ella Tappin is well on track to fulfilling her ambition of becoming a chartered accountant since graduating as Waikato's top accounting student in 2013.

  • Kajol Thanki

    Bachelor of Laws with Honours, Bachelor of Management Studies
    My time at Waikato has been characterised by a lot of learning and personal growth. I’ve learned new skills and have been pushed outside of my comfort zone through experiences that I could never have imagined I would be a part of when I first started.

  • Ruth Venter

    Master of Management Studies
    While studying accounting, Ruth Venter realised that what she really cared about was sustainability. She ended up doing a masters thesis on carbon reporting by not-for-profit organisations, and now works as an environmental sustainability consultant.