Stories from our Human Resource Management students and alumni

Studying Human Resource Management gives you new knowledge and skills, and a lot of new choices in life. Here's how things have turned out for some of our Human Resource Management students and alumni.

  • Javier Te Wawaro Doorbar

    Bachelor of Business
    There was a lot of wrap-around support at Waikato, and that was really important to me.

  • Stella Dobbs

    Graduate Diploma, Master of Digital Business
    I loved my time at university and I really value the exposure I got to a range of topics and viewpoints. I think the small class sizes helped where lectures would often turn into discussions. This helped me develop critical thinking skills, and the opportunity to work with different people in group projects is experience I value.

  • Stevie Ward

    Bachelor of Communication Studies
    The presentation skills I gained at Waikato have helped me become more confident with presenting training to staff and conducting interviews.

  • Ruan Nunes

    Ruan Nunes loves being able to work outdoors all summer as the manager of several kiwifruit orchards. He says his Bachelor of Management Studies degree from Waikato gave him the confidence to believe in himself and the decisions he makes.