This subject focuses on critical inquiry into the skills and knowledge needed by educational leaders to provide high quality and socially just education experiences and opportunities. Study in this field examines the personal, contextual, political, cultural, and economic influences which shape the work of educational leaders in a range of settings.

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Educational Leadership papers

500 Level
Code and paper title Points
EDLED501 Educational Leadership: Concepts, Theory and Practice right arrow

Leading in educational contexts can be a challenging and complex undertaking. This paper introduces students to foundational theoretical and...

30 24A (Hamilton) & 24A (Online)
EDLED502 Educational Leadership: Organisational Change and Development right arrow

This paper explores theories and practices of organisational development, culture and change in educational settings. The nature and characteristics...

30 24B (Hamilton) & 24B (Online)
EDLED503 Educational Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring right arrow

This paper critically examines theories and models of continuing leadership development through mentoring and coaching. It focuses on the importance...

30 24A (Block) & 24B (Block - Tauranga)
EDLED504 Educational Leadership: Inquiry in Organisations and Communities right arrow

This paper critically examines the contextual and relational nature of educational leadership in learning organisations and communities. Through...

30 24B (Block)
EDLED505 Educational Leadership: Leading for Social Change right arrow

This paper draws on research and theory from New Zealand and global contexts to critically examine leadership practices related to issues of social...

30 24A (Online)
EDLED510 Capstone: Application to Professional Practice right arrow

In this capstone paper, students synthesise, reflect on, and apply the conceptual and practical knowledge gained throughout the MEdM degree to a...

15 24X (Block)
EDUCA500 Culturally Responsive Methodologies incorporating kaupapa Māori and Critical Theories right arrow

Culturally Responsive Methodologies utilise kaupapa Māori and critical theoretical frameworks to develop contexts within which the researched...

30 24X (Block - Tauranga)
EDUCA557 Becoming a researcher: theory, ethics and methods right arrow

This paper introduces students to major educational and social science research paradigms, methodologies, ethical researcher conduct, and methods...

30 24A (Hamilton) & 24A (Online) & 24B (Hamilton) & 24B (Tauranga) & 24H (Block)
EDUCA591 Research-based Inquiry: Informing Practice right arrow

A supported project enabling students to identify and investigate a research question of interest, develop a report that includes implications for...

30 24A (Hamilton) & 24B (Hamilton)
EDUCA592 Dissertation right arrow

A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.

60 24X (Hamilton) & 24X (Online) & 24X (Tauranga)
EDUCA593 Education Thesis right arrow

An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.

90 24X (Hamilton) & 24X (Online) & 24X (Tauranga)
MAOED500 Rangahau Kaupapa Māori - Kaupapa Māori Research right arrow

This paper seeks to explore Kaupapa Māori research theory and methodologies, developing more informed and culturally located and responsive research...

30 24X (Hamilton)
MAOED523 Māori Educational Policies: Their Development and Some Strategic Responses right arrow

This paper examines the historical and contemporary politics and practices that have contributed to the current education disparities that affect...

30 24X (Block - Tauranga)

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