The Global Arts major dives into the world of creative expression across different cultures. Develop analytical skills in various media, including text, image, and sound. You can also explore dance and Māori fibre arts in this major. As a graduate of the Global Arts major, you will understand how cultures and creative practice cross boundaries. Your skills will enable you to reach diverse audiences in many sectors of the international culture industry. You can choose to focus on developing analytical skills in many forms of media, including text, image and sound, or on creative intercultural aspects that bring in dance, notably kapa haka, and Māori fibre arts.

Global Arts is available as a first major for the Bachelor of Global Studies (BGS). Global Arts may also be included as a second major or minor in undergraduate degrees, subject to approval of the Division in which the student is enrolled.

To complete Global Arts as a single major for the BGS, students must gain 135 points from papers listed for Global Arts, including INTLC101, 105 points above 100 level, and 60 points above 200 level.

To complete Global Arts as part of a double major for the BGS or other undergraduate degree, students must gain 120 points from papers listed for Global Arts, including INTLC101, 90 points above 100 level, and a further 45 points above 200 level.

To complete a minor in Global Arts, students must complete 60 points from the papers listed for the Global Arts major, including INTLC101 and at least 30 points above 100 level.


The major/subject in Global Arts, the Bachelor of Global Studies (BGS), the GradCert(GloArts) and GradDip(GloArts) are subject to external approval. We are in the process of completing the required approvals to offer these programme. The first proposed intakes will be from 2024.

Other qualifications

Prescriptions for:

Global Arts papers

100 Level 200 Level 300 Level
Code and paper title Points
ARTSC112 Music, Sound and Human Communication right arrow

Every day we communicate using complex linguistic and musical systems. This paper will explore the role of sound and music in human communication and...

15 24B (Online)
DANCE101 Dance, Movement and Culture right arrow

This paper integrates dance practice and theory, providing practical experience of different dances of Aotearoa, the Pacific region and beyond...

15 24B (Hamilton)
INTLC101 International Languages and Cultures right arrow

This paper introduces students to major world cultures and their languages in a comparative context. Students will gain a critical understanding of...

15 24B (Online) & 24G (Online)
MAORI151 Te Raranga Kete: Introduction to Māori Fibre Arts right arrow

An introduction to theoretical and practical components of weaving kete. Students learn to weave kete and critically examine traditional techniques...

15 24A (Hamilton)
MAORI157 Ngā Mahi a Rehia: An Introduction to Kapa Haka right arrow

An introduction to the theoretical and practical components of kapa haka as a means of communication and cultural expression in the Māori world.

15 24B (Hamilton)
MEDIA101 Living in Media Worlds right arrow

This paper encourages you to reflect on the media technologies, platforms, practices and content that you engage with regularly. How do they support...

15 24B (Hamilton)
Code and paper title Points
DSIGN252 Cultural Perspectives for Design right arrow

The paper provides students with an understanding of culture-specific perspectives on design issues and the ability to apply these in diverse...

15 24B (Hamilton)
ENGLI200 Global Fictions right arrow

This paper examines literary responses to the contemporary world. We will study international writing that grapples with issues associated with...

15 24A (Hamilton)
INTLC221 Understanding East Asia right arrow

This paper offers a critical examination of historical traditions and contemporary life in East Asia within a global context. This paper is taught in...

15 24B (Hamilton)
INTLC222 Food Practices & Cultural Journeys right arrow

Cooking and food is linked intrinsically to history: migration, immigration and colonisation and have all played a part in shaping national and...

15 24A (Online)
INTLC225 The French-speaking World from Astérix to Zombies right arrow

Discover the result of contact between French, regional and Indigenous cultures in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific. Topics include...

15 24B (Online)
LINGS204 Language of Social Media right arrow

This paper introduces students to the study of language in the genre of social media, using linguistics theory and concepts.

15 24G (Online)
MAORI251 Raranga Whakairo: Design Elements in Māori Fibre Arts right arrow

This paper is a multi-disciplinary focused paper providing students with the opportunity to understand a Māori worldview through the lens of Māori...

15 24B (Hamilton)
Code and paper title Points
ENGLI302 Modernisms right arrow

This paper explores canonical modernist texts of Europe and North America. It also examines exciting new developments in transnational modernisms...

15 24B (Hamilton)
INTLC303 Visual Cultures of East Asia right arrow

This paper critically examines key forms of East Asian visual culture, with a focus on film and art, and within a comparative context.

15 24B (Hamilton)
INTLC304 Cultural Identities in the Age of Globalisation right arrow

This paper explores the formation of cultural identities and the challenges they face in the age of globalisation through case studies from European...

15 24A (Online)
INTLC317 French Culture from Versailles to the Revolution right arrow

A study of France's literary, social, and historical movements from the Golden Age of Versailles through to the Enlightenment and the Revolution it...

15 24B (Hamilton)
MEDIA304 Documentary right arrow

Students explore documentary theory and practice by examining a range of forms associated with documentary culture, including documentary...

15 24B (Hamilton)
MEDIA308 Global Cultural Industries and Audiences right arrow

Examines the affordances of digital media and the social, industrial and political opportunities and challenges they present. A capstone course for...

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