Soil Science involves understanding the distribution of different soil types, evaluating their characteristics, and developing methods to combat degradation and depletion of productive soils, and associated reduction in water quality - due to historical pressures and mismanagement.

Soil Science is available as a minor.

To complete a minor in Soil Science, students must complete 60 points, consisting of EARTH101, EARTH221, EARTH251, and EARTH322.

Soil Science papers

100 Level 200 Level 300 Level
Code and paper title Points
EARTH101 Introduction to Earth System Sciences - Pūtaiao Pūnaha Whenua right arrow

A lecture and laboratory paper that explores the interacting processes that affect the surface of the Earth, producing landforms and resources, with...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
Code and paper title Points
EARTH221 Soil Science right arrow

An introduction to the nature, formation, and classification of soils, their physical, chemical, mineralogical, and biological properties, and issues...

15 24B (Hamilton)
EARTH251 Applied Earth Sciences right arrow

A field-based paper involving data collection and spatial analysis across several Earth Science sub-disciplines to determine the processes operating...

15 24A (Hamilton)
Code and paper title Points
EARTH322 Soil and Water Management right arrow

This paper integrates an understanding of land/soil and water processes that occur at paddock to catchment to national scales. A focus is on...

15 24A (Hamilton)

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