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The Master of Technology Innovation in Business enables graduates from a wide range of disciplines to learn about how to manage in dynamic entrepreneurial environments.

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Technology Innovation in Business papers

500 Level
Code and paper title Points
BIOMD500 Frontiers in Medical Biotechnology right arrow

An introduction to the field of medical biotechnology covering disruptive next generation technologies and commercial success stories. This will be...

15 24A (Hamilton)
COMPX500 Frontiers in Information Technology right arrow

A paper that introduces graduate-level management and science students to the burgeoning field of information technology focusing on techniques and...

15 24B (Hamilton)
CSMAX570 Preparing for Internship right arrow

This paper will enable learners to develop the key soft and transferable skills and competencies important to be work ready and prepared for the...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24B (Hamilton)
ENGME585 Industrial Technology and Innovation 1 right arrow

Using Project Based Learning, this paper will furnish the student with an understanding of the innovation and product development process. It will...

15 24A (Hamilton)
EXMBM511 Communication and Collaboration in Organisations right arrow

In the context of organisational behaviour, this paper equips students with the key communications, intercultural and people management skills...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24C (Hamilton)
EXMBM512 Leadership and Change Management right arrow

Effective Leadership is an essential component for organisational and business success. This paper helps participants to identify their leadership...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24C (Hamilton)
EXMBM522 Marketing Strategy right arrow

This paper presents a strategic view of marketing to illustrate what drives value for customers, organisations and stakeholders in an ever changing...

15 24C (Hamilton)
EXMBM532 Managing Innovation and Value Creation right arrow

Managing innovation and creating value for business is a key skill for aspiring managers. This paper equips students to develop an entrepreneurial...

15 24A (Hamilton) & 24B (Hamilton)
HECSS500 Technology, Innovation in Business Internship right arrow

This internship enables the application and further development of practical knowledge and hands-on experience through a supervised internship within...

60 24B (Hamilton) & 24C (Hamilton)
MNMGT544 Commercialising a New Venture right arrow

This paper will guide students on the process of commercialising a new venture using a learn-by-doing approach. This will involve students developing...

15 24B (Hamilton)
MNMGT561 Intercultural Perspectives on Organisations for Managers right arrow

This paper provides students with the skills and knowledge to become competent and confident as managers in culturally diverse contexts, locally and...

15 24A (Hamilton)
SCIEN500 Frontiers of Molecular Biotechnology right arrow

A guided project-based paper which introduces science and management students to science-oriented industries. Students will be introduced to...

15 No occurrences

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