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Arts Education

Arts education in New Zealand, is comprised of four disciplines: Visual Arts, Dance, Drama and Music Sound Arts. Given the recognition of the growing need for essential skills such as creativity, communication and collaboration, the Arts are gaining a renewed focus.

As a postgraduate subject, Arts Education papers invite participants to explore their passion, enhance their practice and articulate the value and significance of the Arts in society.

You may choose further papers from any subject or specialisation offered for the Master of Education, or from the Master of Educational Leadership.

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Key information

Study Location:Hamilton

Study Arts Education in these qualifications

Arts Education as a specialisation of

100 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
DANCE101Dance, Movement and Culture19B (Hamilton)
This paper provides practical experience with different forms of dance, an introduction to choreography, and a critical examination of how dance is influenced by societal and cultural issues.
EDART100Engaging with Arts Education in the Community19A (Block) & 19A (Block - Tauranga)
This paper aims to develop students' strength in learning and teaching selected arts disciplines in school and community settings.

200 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
EDART203Music in Educational Contexts19T (Tauranga)
This paper explores music education enabling students to further develop their musical skills and knowledge in the context of school and community music education.
EDART204Drama in Educational Contexts19S (Block)
This paper will introduce students to the key concepts of drama and contribute to the development of specialist skills and dispositions required when working with drama as a pedagogy or for performance.
MAORI261He Taonga Tuku Iho: Evolving Māori and Pacific Art19B (Hamilton)
This paper examines the artistic traditions and contemporary expressions of Maori and Pacific peoples and the relevance of those traditions today.

300 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
DANCE301Performing Dance19A (Hamilton)
This paper offers an advanced study of choreography for performance, focussing on solo choreography, critical reflections on embodiment, gender and culture in dance, and a final public performance production.

500 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
EDART501Contemporary Issues in Arts Education19B (Block)
In this paper, students will engage with a range of contemporary local and global issues impacting Arts education, culminating in a critical, in-depth examination of one issue and its implications for teaching and learning.
EDART502Critical Approaches in Applied Arts Education19A (Block)
This paper focuses on the ways in which Arts practitioners and educators can critically interrogate the place of the Arts practice as both a responsibility and opportunity in specific applied contexts.
EDART503Dance Education: Transformative Perspectives19S (Hamilton)
This paper will develop advanced applied understanding of dance in education in New Zealand and international contexts with a critical focus on pedagogy, curriculum, policy, and practice.

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