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Banking, Finance and Technology

Get set for a career in the cutting edge world of fin-tech, where technology-led innovations like blockchain, artificial intelligence and crytpo are transforming the banking and finance sectors.

Banking, Finance and Technology will be available as an undergraduate subject starting from 2024. It can be taken with the BBFinTech bachelor's degree, the Graduate Certificate, or the Graduate Diploma.

In this subject, students will gain expertise in financial markets, digital finance, banking operations, automated trading, as well as blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and cybersecurity.

In the last decade, the digitisation of global financial systems has led to the meteoric growth of new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies (eg. Bitcoin). These innovations are transforming the way that people exchange financial data to pay for goods and services.

Artificial intelligence has also made it possible to automatically trade financial assets (eg. stocks and bonds) using computer algorithms, which analyse real-time data, make decisions, and quickly execute trades.

The fintech revolution means that global financial transactions are faster, cheaper, more secure, and 100% traceable. Systems are constantly evolving, creating new opportunities, risks and rewards for market players and regulators alike.

Master the trade in our brand-new Finance Trading Lab, where you can use industry-standard simulation software to sharpen your investing and asset trading skills.

Students of Banking, Finance and Technology, will build strong skills in financial analysis and modelling, risk assessment, data management, business analytics, and financial econometrics.

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Study Location:Hamilton
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Study Banking, Finance and Technology in these qualifications

Study Banking, Finance and Technology as a specialisation of

Career opportunities

  • Banker (commercial or investment)
  • Business analyst
  • Central bank manager (eg. RBNZ)
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Consulting firm partner
  • Currency or financial markets trader
  • Digital business manager
  • Financial analyst / advisor
  • Fintech entrepreneur
  • Fintech specialist
  • Management consultant
  • Policy advisor (eg. government)
  • Portfolio or wealth manager
  • Sharebroker

100 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
COMPX151Exploring Innovative Technologies15.024B (Hamilton) & 24X (Secondary School - Unistart)
This laboratory-based paper introduces a range of innovative technologies with applications across all disciplines. The hands-on laboratory programme is designed to enhance your technical proficiency and the use of computer-based tools will give you a practical understanding of cutting-edge technologies. A range of practical topics...
DIGIB101The World of Digital Business15.024B (Hamilton) & 24VB (National Economics University, Vietnam)
Information and communications technologies are fundamentally changing business operations. This paper introduces all aspects associated with the ever-evolving field of digital business.
ECONS101Economics for Business and Management15.024A (Hamilton), 24A (Hamilton Waikato College), 24A (Secondary School - Unistart), 24A (Tauranga), 24B (Hamilton), 24B (Hamilton Waikato College), 24VA (National Economics University, Vietnam) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper offers insights into the behaviour of consumers, firms and the government within the economy, giving students skills in analysing and predicting the actions of individuals and businesses.
FINAN101Introduction to Finance15.024A (Hamilton), 24A (Hamilton Waikato College), 24B (Hamilton), 24B (Hamilton Waikato College), 24B (Tauranga), 24H (Hamilton), 24VB (National Economics University, Vietnam) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper introduces the three core areas of finance - financial management, investments, and capital markets and institutions. The paper also examines applications of corporate finance concepts to personal finance.
FNTEC101Introduction to Fintech15.024A (Hamilton) & 24B (Hamilton)
The course exposes students to this fast-growing and exciting intersection between finance (Fin) and technology (Tech) while emphasising the role data and analytics play. The course is structured around three main fintech areas: Lending/Banking services, Clearing and Trading.
STMGT101Introduction to Management15.024A (Hamilton), 24B (Hamilton), 24B (Tauranga), 24VA (National Economics University, Vietnam), 24W (Hamilton Waikato College), 24X (Hamilton Waikato College) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
Managing in organisations, small and large, in changing local and international business environments requires knowledge, skills, and abilities of who managers are, what managers do, and how they can make a difference to organisational performance, competitive position, and sustainability over time. This paper introduces students t...

200 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
FINAN200Financial Management 115.024A (Hamilton), 24A (Tauranga), 24B (Hamilton) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper deals with the principles and practice of financial management. It examines corporate capital budgeting, capital structure theory, dividend policy and net working capital management.
FINAN202Investments 115.024A (Hamilton), 24B (Hamilton), 24B (Tauranga) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper deals with the principles and practice of investment analysis. Building upon the concepts of risk-return trade-offs and the efficient market hypothesis, the paper examines: modern portfolio theory and asset pricing models.
MNMGT202Intercultural Perspectives on Organisations15.024A (Hamilton), 24B (Hamilton), 24B (Tauranga), 24VA (Internet National Economics University, Vietnam) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper provides students wit the skills and knowledge to become competent and confident in culturally diverse contexts, locally and globally, and to understand how people behave in culturally diverse organisational contexts. It includes an introduction to matauranga Maori. Learning is cemented through webinars, readings along w...

300 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
DIGIB302Digital Business Technology Trends15.024B (Hamilton) & 24VB (National Economics University, Vietnam)
This paper focuses on a small number of the most recent and disruptive business technologies. This includes, for example, health informatics, gamification, the Internet of Things, Beacons, Virtual Reality etc.
FINAN302Investments 215.024A (Hamilton), 24A (Tauranga), 24B (Hamilton) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper extends student competency in the valuation of fixed income securities, equities and alternative investments, portfolio performance evaluation, and the interpretation of investment psychology.
FINAN303Computer Modelling in Finance15.024A (Hamilton), 24A (Tauranga), 24G (Hamilton) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper introduces the use of spreadsheets and programming in building appropriate and credible financial models useful for analysts and managers in financial decision making.
FINAN304Financial Risk Management15.024B (Hamilton), 24B (Tauranga), 24H (Online) & 24X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper develops student understanding of risk markets and how financial institutions and firms manage risk exposure, including interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk and commodity price risk.

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