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Community Health

Make a difference in your community and whānau by studying Community Health.

The Community Health major is designed to ensure graduates have the knowledge, skills and understanding to make a difference in the wellbeing of the people in our local, regional and national communities. Drawing on Māori, Indigenous, critical and sociological perspectives, students will be provided with the opportunity to investigate the way health is understood and practiced in our society. Students will develop practical skills that will allow them to advocate and take action in enhancing the wellbeing of themselves and others.

Community Health is an interdisciplinary programme, which includes papers from the Waikato Management School as well as the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The major embraces bi-culturalism and multi-culturalism by conceptualising health in a holistic sense. Moreover, it focuses on key relational and communication skills that are foundational to working with people in the health sector.

Community Health is available as a major for the Bachelor of Health, Sport and Human Performance. Community Health may also be included as a second major or minor in other undergraduate degrees, subject to the approval of the Faculty in which the student is enrolled.

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Study Locations: Hamilton

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Community Health as a specialisation of

Career opportunities

  • Community Sport Adviser
  • Events Manager
  • Health and Physical Education Teacher

100 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
CMYHE101Understanding Hauora, Health and Wellbeing18A (Hamilton) & 18A (Online)
This paper examines a social determinants approach to Health. It includes exploration of a range of interactions that influence the health of populations and determinants of health in New Zealand and global contexts.
HPSCI101Introduction to Human Performance Science18A (Hamilton)
This paper will provide an introduction to Human Performance Science.
HSHUP102The Fundamentals of Coaching and Instruction18B (Hamilton)
This paper develops an introductory working knowledge of coaching and instructing including communication and management strategies, and how to create environments that support the diverse learning needs of individuals and groups.
PSYCH101Social Psychology, Health and Well-being18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
This paper will introduce major issues in psychology particularly as they relate to health, wellbeing, mental illness, forensic psychology, lifespan development, and social factors in a range of contexts.
SDCOA101Sport, Culture and Development: Trends and Issues18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Online)
In this paper students will gain an introduction to sociological understandings of sport and movement cultures. They will develop new ways of critically thinking about the important role sport plays in contemporary society, including the economy, politics, tourism, the media, and our sense of identity, belonging and community. Stud...

200 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
CMYHE201Healthy Lifestyles and Healthy Communities18B (Hamilton)
This paper aims to develop understanding of sociological analyses and critiques of health promotion and to develop comprehension of the relationship between practice and the wider cultural, environmental, political, and social contexts in which health promotion occurs.
CMYHE202Understanding the Healthy Body: Sociocultural Perspectives18A (Hamilton)
This paper develops students' understanding of health as a social and cultural issue, not just a biological one.
HSHUP201Psychology of Health, Sport and Human Performance18A (Hamilton) & 18A (Online)
This paper addresses key psychological aspects of health, sport and human performance. Select psychological concepts are covered to develop knowledge, understanding and skills important to a broad range of career and leadership pathways within and beyond sport, health and exercise. Topics will include confidence and motivation, go...
MAORI204Maori and Indigenous Health and Wellbeing18A (Hamilton)
This paper looks at health and wellbeing from Maori and Indigenous perspectives, including models and frameworks in relation to Health, Sport, Human Performance and Indigenous communities.
PSYCH202Mauri Ora: Social Psychology of Human Flourishing18B (Hamilton) & 18B (Tauranga)
The paper will examine important conceptual frameworks and theory within social psychology and the social sciences generally. Maori perspectives and exemplars will be a significant emphasis within the paper.
PUBRL202Health Communication Campaigns18B (Hamilton)
This paper explores the construction and evaluation of communication campaigns to address health issues in communities and organisations. The campaigns use communication theory to design persuasive and innovative health campaigns.

300 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
CMYHE301Critical Perspectives of HealthThis paper will not be taught in 2018
This paper will not be taught in 2018
CMYHE302Health in the Digital EraThis paper will not be taught in 2018
This paper will not be taught in 2018
HSHUP301Industry and Community Engagement in Health, Sport and Human Performance 1This paper will not be taught in 2018
This paper will not be taught in 2018

Students who major in Community Health as part of the Bachelor of Health, Sport and Human Performance often pursue further study at masters or doctorate level to enhance their understanding of a specialised area within the sport and leisure industry. Our researchers have strong links with the industry and other researchers nationally and internationally.

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