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Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
EXLD586Directed Study5.021X (Hamilton)
No description available.
EXLD587Directed Study7.521X (Hamilton)
No description available.
EXLD588Directed Study10.021X (Hamilton)
No description available.
EXMBA557Competing in a Complex World15.021E (Hamilton), 21W (Hamilton) & 21W (Tauranga)
This paper applies key strategic, communication and marketing frameworks and tools to the analysis of real organisations, and then develops strategies to enhance their stakeholder-centric positioning and performance.
EXMBA558Understanding the Business Environment15.021E (Hamilton), 21W (Hamilton) & 21W (Tauranga)
This paper explores how an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, both influences, and impacts all sectors of society and commerce in particular.
EXMBA559Financial Analysis and Performance15.021E (Hamilton), 21W (Hamilton) & 21W (Tauranga)
This paper equips managers with the skills required to determine the financial health of an organisation, in order to support organisational resilience and competitiveness during growth, transformation, or a re-positioning of strategic priorities.
EXMBA560People and Productivity15.021E (Hamilton), 21W (Hamilton) & 21W (Tauranga)
In the context of how to prepare for tomorrows workforce, this paper equips students with the skills and competencies required to enable, engage and empower workers.
EXMBA561Leadership for Growth and Development15.021E (Hamilton), 21W (Hamilton) & 21W (Tauranga)
Through the application of leadership knowledge and skill (self, team and organization), together with decision-making, students will be able to evaluate the antecedents and outcomes of effective leadership.
EXMBA562Creating Positive Disruption15.021E (Hamilton), 21W (Hamilton) & 21W (Tauranga)
The rate of technological and market change is placing increasing pressure on incumbent business. Organisations are increasingly required to disrupt, or risk being the victim of disruption. In a complex and uncertain world, managers must draw on their ecosystem to assess dangers and evaluate opportunities.
EXMBA563Leading Transformation in Organisations15.021W (Hamilton)
With the complexity of business today the practice of leading change has never had greater significance. This paper equips leaders with the ability to face difficult situations that arise with change, including the complexity of leading change at both the organisational and individual level.
EXMBA564Governance and Responsible Engagement15.021W (Hamilton) & 21W (Tauranga)
This paper takes an ambicultural approach to governance and covers the practicalities of business governance, including ethical decision-making, fiscal, societal and environmental responsibility, and reporting.
EXMBA565High Impact Project30.021W (Tauranga)
This paper provides an opportunity for the student to investigate a topic in depth and conduct applied research that results in a report that will be of value to practitioners and or organisations.
EXMBA566Breaking Boundaries – The Global Business Experience15.021W (Hamilton)
How do businesses engage with international markets? The paper explores the strategies of international businesses and how these might be employed to address cross-border challenges associated with the dynamic international business environment.
EXMBA589Directed Study15.021X (Hamilton)
No description available.
EXMBA590Directed Study30.021X (Hamilton)
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
EXMBM511People in Organisations15.021J (Hamilton) & 21N (Hamilton)
Managers are required to demonstrate exceptional interpersonal, intercultural and negotiation skills in every aspect of their jobs. Communication, organisational behaviour and HRM issues determine the culture of successful organisations.
EXMBM512Leadership and Change Management15.021J (Hamilton) & 21N (Hamilton)
This paper helps participants to identify their leadership potential and discusses the role of leaders in a complex and continually changing environment.
EXMBM513Sustainability and Responsible Management15.021J (Hamilton) & 21N (Hamilton)
Sustainability is considered as a platform for business in the future and will discuss strategies for sustainable business in the global economy.
EXMBM514Economics and the Global Context15.021J (Hamilton) & 21N (Hamilton)
This paper introduces economic decision-making at the micro and macro level within a global context.
EXMBM521Strategic Management and Decision Making15.021J (Hamilton) & 21N (Hamilton)
This paper focuses on long-range decision-making in firms and in the student's personal and professional lives. Theory and practical examples are blended to develop skills in strategic planning and decision-making.
EXMBM522Marketing Strategy15.021N (Hamilton)
Marketing is about understanding and creating customer value and is at the heart of any successful organisation.
EXMBM523Digital Business and Supply Chain Management15.021J (Hamilton) & 21N (Hamilton)
All businesses today are digital businesses and this paper focuses on the digital, operational and supply chain systems and is concerned with the design and control of the processes of production and distribution of goods.
EXMBM524Financial Analysis15.021N (Hamilton)
An introduction to the concept of time value of money, the use of financial data for diagnosis and decision making, and the impact of budgeting and measurement on managerial behaviour.
EXMBM531Applied Research and Consultancy Practices30.021M (Hamilton) & 21N (Hamilton)
This paper develops ability in research methods, ethical business practices and experience in work integrated learning. Students will undertake an applied research project and present it together with a consultancy report.
EXMBM532Managing Innovation and Value Creation15.021J (Hamilton) & 21N (Hamilton)
This paper introduces a series of tools that enables students to create, test, refine, package and deliver a business opportunity.
EXMBM533Action Learning Project15.021N (Hamilton)
The primary purpose of the Action Learning Project is to allow participants to apply their knowledge through practical work experience in a local business. The paper is based on the knowledge that taught materials are better understood when they are applied in the context of action learning, where the instructor recesses and the pa...

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