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Counselling Studies

This programme is suitable for qualified teachers and other education professionals who wish to further their career and develop leadership in a particular field of education.

This subject is designed to give access to Counselling Studies within an education orientation. It is not a professional counselling qualification, but offers an introduction to practice skills within specific contexts. For example, qualified teachers who see their future in the pastoral network of a school can use these papers to develop their skills in and understanding of guidance and pastoral care.

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Counselling Studies as a specialisation of

Chris Roberts Fresh out of Whakatane High School, Chris came to the University of Waikato a couple of weeks after his 17th birthday to study political science and history – "quite simply, the subjects I enjoyed the most", he says.

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Programme Advisor 
Paul Flanagan 
Phone: 07 838 4500 ext 7728
Room: TT.5.09


At least 60 points from:

  • HDCO540 Working with Groups
  • HDCO546 Conflict Resolution: Restorative Practices
  • HDCO549 Counselling and Contexts
  • HDCO565 Restorative Practices in Education not offered in 2018

You may choose further papers from any subject or specialisation offered for the Master of Education, or from the Master of Educational Leadership.