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Creative Technologies

Are you interested in the complex interaction between music and computing in the digital age? Creative Technologies fuses multimedia practices with the fast-paced world of digital communications, mobile and networking. For New Zealand-based students, Creative Technologies begins as a graduate-level subject.

Creative Technologies is a highly relevant field of study where you'll develop a conceptual and practical understanding of multimedia methods and approaches, including elements of image manipulation, graphics, studio production and digital music.

Music papers are focused on digital music and sound applications. Computer Science papers focus on computer graphics and interactive media systems. Media paper options include production and new integrated video-based multimedia practices.

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Key information

Study Location:Hamilton

Career opportunities

  • Animator
  • Creative Services Manager
  • Producer
  • Retailer
  • Sound Technician
  • Website Designer

Prescriptions for the PGCert(CreateTech), PGDip(CreateTech) and MMCT

To be eligible to be considered for enrolment in graduate Creative Technologies papers, a student should normally have completed a Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies or an undergraduate programme considered to be equivalent by the Chair of the School of Arts and have achieved at least a B average over either all of the papers in their undergraduate major or the best three 300 level papers in the major.

To complete a MMCT in Creative Technologies, students must complete 180 points at 500 level including CRPC502, CRPC593 and 60 points chosen from CGRD524, CGRD532, MUSIC510, MUSIC511, MEDIA502, MEDIA503 and MEDIA504.

500 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
CRPC591Creative Research Project19B (Hamilton)
Students undertake a collaboratively-designed creative research project that demonstrates the research topic and creative process. Students complete an individual action research report that documents and analyses research methods and findings in the context of relevant theory and practice.
CRPC592Dissertation19C (Hamilton)
Students complete a self-designed research project and dissertation that demonstrates the research process and analyses the findings in the context of relevant theory and practice.
CRPC593Creative Research Thesis19C (Hamilton)
Students will complete a collaboratively-designed creative research project that demonstrates the research topic and creative process. In an individual action report, students document and analyse research methods and findings in the context of relevant theory and practice. Students subsequently design and complete a research proje...
DSIGN532Information Visualisation19A (Hamilton)
This paper aims to provide an awareness of the potential offered by information visualisation techniques, a familiarity with the underlying concepts, and an understanding and ability to effectively design and apply information visualisations in a given context.
MEDIA501Theory and Research in Action19A (Hamilton)
This paper identifies the constraints and freedoms of research methods, and places a strong emphasis on research as an intellectual, theoretical, and processual activity as well as the roles of interdisciplinary projects in creating unique methodological and conceptual media research.
MEDIA502Creative Practice: Development19C (Hamilton)
This individually supervised paper allows students to engage in concept development, scriptwriting, or other aspects of pre-production and planning for an advanced practice based creative project. Students are advised to also take MEDIA501 in order to develop an appropriate scholarly rationale and framework for the work that will b...
MEDIA503Creative Practice: Production19C (Hamilton)
This individually supervised paper allows students to execute the project planned in MEDIA502. This is an opportunity for students to complete an advanced creative practice project of their choice.
MEDIA504Media Design and Aesthetics19B (Hamilton)
Audio-visual media are undergoing continual transformations that question the roles of makers and audiences alike. Students are encouraged to experiment with sensory perception in order to question current notions of aesthetics in relation to cultural practices and media creations. This process of reflection encourages critical per...
MUSIC510Music and the Screen19Y (Hamilton)
No description available.
MUSIC511Sonic Art19Y (Hamilton)
No description available.

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