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Educational Leadership

Effective leadership in educational settings is critical in order to grow and sustain successful organisations.  Enhance your career prospects with a specialised leadership programme that challenges you personally and professionally.

Make a difference to the quality of education and create opportunities for your future leadership and the leadership of others in education.  Build enhanced understandings, and discover authentic leadership practices, to improve educational outcomes in your school, organisation or community setting.

Whether you are an aspiring leader looking to step into a leadership role, have a puzzle of practice that you want to explore, or you are an experienced leader seeking to advance your current skills and knowledge, we have papers to cater for your needs and engaging staff who can support you in this endeavour.  The leadership papers are challenging, innovative and enlightening. They incorporate global best-practice and emerging trends and develop the knowledge, skills and mindsets required for high performance leadership in educational settings.

  • Engage in high quality teaching and research to support the personal and professional aspects of your leadership formation and practice
  • Examine leadership systems and practices to support change and innovation in organisational contexts
  • Inquire into personal leadership practices
  • Understand, critique and contribute to the educational research that is shaping New Zealand's educational policy and practice
  • Locate leadership work in a framework of social justice and seek to make a difference for high-needs students
  • Develop the skills, knowledge and dispositions to be an effective educational leader
  • Enhance leadership networks by contributing to a vibrant professional learning community
  • Flexible delivery (NET/Block course)

As a graduate of this programme you will enhance your leadership capabilities and knowledge, building a firm foundation for your leadership practice, growing the skills and dispositions to lead in and beyond your organisation.

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Key information

Study Educational Leadership in these qualifications

Educational Leadership as a specialisation of

Prescriptions for the PGCert(SchPrinc)

The Postgraduate Certificate in School Principalship is available for students who have completed a bachelors degree, or equivalent, and who have at least three years' full-time equivalent teaching experience.

To complete the Postgraduate Certificate, students must complete 60 points at 500 level as follows.

Prescriptions for the PGCert(EdLeadership), PGDip(EdLeadership) and MEdLeadership

To complete the Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Leadership, students must take 60 points from EDLED501, EDLED502, EDLED504, EDLED505, EDLED503, or EDLED506. Within the Postgraduate Certificate a specialisation is available in Coaching and Mentoring, which requires EDLED503 and EDLED506.

To complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership, students must take 120 points at 500 level, including EDLED501 and EDLED502, and a further 60 points from the following list. Within the Postgraduate Diploma a specialisation is available in Coaching and Mentoring. Students must take 120 points including EDLED501, EDLED502, EDLED503 and EDLED506.

To complete an MEdLeadership, students must take 180 points at 500 level from the following list, including EDLED501, EDLED502, and one of EDUCA500, EDUCA557, or MAOED500, and one of a Directed Study equivalent to 30 points, or a Dissertation equivalent to 60 points, or a Thesis equivalent to 90 points.

Candidates who hold a BTchg(Hons) or a PGDip(EdLeadership) must take a further 120 points, including any required papers, to complete the Master of Educational Leadership.

500 Level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
EDLED501Educational Leadership: Issues and Perspectives19A (Hamilton) & 19A (Online)
Reflective practitioners are introduced to theories and practices of educational leadership in this paper. Major theorists and researchers are critically considered with an emphasis on relating these to the realities of education settings. The discourses which shape the educational leadership landscape in New Zealand will be explor...
EDLED502Educational Leadership: Organisational Change and Development19B (Block) & 19B (Online)
This paper explores key theories and practices of organisational development and collaborative change management in educational contexts. Students will critically examine societal and organisational factors which impact the culture, strategic development and review processes within educational establishments. Strategies which suppo...
EDLED503Developing Educational Leadership: Coaching and Mentoring19A (Block) & 19B (Block - Tauranga)
This paper critically examines theories and models of continuing leadership development through mentoring and coaching. It focuses on the importance of critical reflection on practice, the change process through adult learning theory, and the leadership capacity building that is so important in educational settings. Participants wi...
EDLED504Educational Leadership: Inquiry in Organisations and Communities19B (Block)
Students will examine and employ fundamental principles of Appreciative Inquiry and Action Inquiry to develop theoretical and practical understandings of their professional and leadership practice within their learning context. Students will critically examine the contextual and relational nature of educational leadership in their ...
EDLED505Educational Leadership for Social Justice19A (Block), 19A (Hamilton) & 19A (Online)
This paper draws on research and theory from New Zealand and global contexts to critically examine leadership practices related to issues of social justice in education. This paper provides opportunities to engage in current debates related to equity, access, fairness, agency and success in education and offers a framework for rais...
EDLED506Educational Leadership: Advanced Coaching and Mentoring19A (Block - Tauranga) & 19B (Block)
This paper advances the conceptual, theoretical and practical understanding of coaching and mentoring introduced in EDLED503. It expands the interpersonal skills and knowledge essential for effective coaching/mentoring in educational contexts and continues the emphasis on critical reflection on practice. Participants will be in an ...
EDLED507Educational Leadership: Professional Seminar19B (Block)
With the rapidly changing nature of the New Zealand educational landscape, opportunities for educational leaders to critically examine current issues of importance and interest in a timely manner are essential. As such, the topic of this paper is co-constructed within the professional learning community of educational leaders in or...
EDSOC501Education Policy and Society19A (Hamilton)
A critical analysis of educational policies and practices, with particular references to New Zealand.
EDUCA500Culturally Responsive Methodologies incorporating kaupapa Maori and critical theories19B (Block - Tauranga)
Cullturally Responsive Methodologies utilise kaupapa Maori and critical theoretical frameworks to develop contexts within which the researched community can define the terms for engaging, relating and co-creating new knowledge.
EDUCA501Professional Learning in Education Practice19C (Hamilton)
This paper allows students to submit a portfolio for assessment of learning undertaken in a non formal setting, for credit towards a postgraduate qualification in the Faculty of Education.
EDUCA540Professional Learning and Development19A (Block)
This paper explores in depth professional learning and development as a practice of professional leadership that has transformative potential in a range of learning contexts seen as complex adaptive systems. A strong emphasis is placed on working in communities of inquiry and participants are expected to join respectfully with othe...
EDUCA541Using Evidence for Effective Practice19B (Block)
This paper aims to enable students to read, interpret, evaluate and use evidence to improve their own pedagogical practice, and the practice of others.
EDUCA557Research Methods19A (Hamilton), 19A (Tauranga), 19B (Online) & 19S (Block)
This paper introduces students to the major educational research paradigms, methodologies appropriate to collecting data in schools (including interviews, observations, surveys, case studies), action research, literature reviews, critiquing research, and report writing. It includes consideration of ethical issues in research.
HMDEV565Restorative Practices in Education19A (Hamilton)
This paper examines restorative practices and considers their role in education settings.
MAOED500Rangahau Kaupapa Maori - Kaupapa Maori Research19C (Hamilton)
This paper seeks to explore Kaupapa Maori research theory and methodologies, developing more informed and culturally located and responsive research practice, with a particular focus on researching in Maori educational contexts.
MAOED523Maori Educational Policies: Their Development and Some Strategic Responses19C (Block - Tauranga)
This paper examines the historical and contemporary politics and practices that have contributed to the current education disparities that affect Maori people in particular, but also the wider fabric of New Zealand society. The paper then considers historical and contemporary policies developed to address these disparities and a nu...

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To complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Leadership, students must take 120 points at 500 level, including the core papers of PROF500 (Educational Leadership: Organisational Development) and PROF502 (Educational Leadership: Issues and Perspectives), and a further 60 points of optional papers in consultation with your programme advisor.

Within the Postgraduate Diploma a specialisation is available in Coaching and Mentoring. Students must take 120 points including PROF500, PROF502, PROF507 and PROF509.

The Centre for Educational Leadership Research supports the development of high quality research, teaching and learning encounters.  As a professional network and hub for leadership inquiry, Communities of Learning, professional learning opportunities and regular research meetings – the work of the Centre explores leadership in its many forms and examines possibilities for supporting educational leaders across a range of contexts in the community. For more information visit:


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