Esports is the rapidly growing competitive video gaming industry with big brands and companies flocking to invest.
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Why study Esports?

Learn what makes this industry tick and integrate those learnings within your career path. For enthusiasts and forward thinkers who want to get ahead of the game.

The University of Waikato is one of only a handful of universities around the world offering an esports minor and is already running huge national esports events for secondary school students.

Studying Esports at Waikato lets you weave your passion for video games and innovations found in Esports into your chosen career path.  For instance, you might be taking a Bachelor of Teaching and the Esports minor might help you think about how Esports could be implemented in the classroom through the gamification of learning or how you can use digital games to get kids excited about physical education.

The minor is made up of four papers and covers topics from the training and performance of elite gamers through to Esports production and broadcasting. There are three pathways for studying Esports:  ‘Athletes and Coaching’, ‘Industry, Events and Management’, and ‘Design, Media and Production’.

The possibilities for taking learnings and innovation from the Esports industry to other sector are endless!

Career Opportunities

  • Business Development/Sales/Sponsorship Manager
  • Coach/Performance Manager
  • Community Engagement Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Esports Analyst
  • Marketing and Communications Executive
  • Personal Trainer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Sport Nutritionist
  • Teacher


The Esports minor is available to students taking any of the University's comprehensive degrees and could be taken in combination with any major.

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