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Finance is all about achieving the best return relative to risk, and helping organisations add value for their shareholders. Studying Finance at Waikato University will prepare you for highly paid positions in the financial and business sectors anywhere in the world.

Financial growth

Finance at Waikato is focused on money management, investments, banking and credit, the share, bond and commodity markets, and financial analysis and decision making. You'll learn about corporate finance, portfolio selection, capital markets, personal financial planning, and the governance of public and private organisations.

Practical assignments will prepare you for exactly what you'll encounter in your financial career. For example, students get to work on a funds simulation project using real data, and prepare a report on a publicly listed New Zealand or Australian company, while playing the role of a trainee investment analyst.

At the Hamilton campus, our students also have access to a brand-new Finance Trading Room. This high-tech simulation room displays real-time trading prices for global and NZX financial markets, so that students can experience the thrill of buying and selling shares/bonds/commodities, and compete to build the most valuable portfolios.

You also have the opportunity to do a practical workplace internship or applied research project as part of your degree.

If you enjoy mathematics, accounting, economics, and using analytical tools to find the meaning behind numbers, than finance may be the right fit for you.

Learn more about studying Finance by visiting the Waikato Management School website.

Internationally recognised

Waikato is ranked in the world's top 250 universities for Accounting & Finance, and in the top 300 for Business and Management Studies, in the prestigious QS Subject Rankings 2020.

You'll study at our internationally recognised Waikato Management School, which has Triple Crown Accreditation from AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA, placing it in the top 1% of all business schools worldwide.


If you wish to take Finance as your 1st Major subject, you'll need to enrol for either the Bachelor of Business or the Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours.

Otherwise you can normally take it as a 2nd Major (8 papers) or Minor subject (4 papers) for any other bachelor's degree offered at the University of Waikato.

If you'd like to gain specialist expertise in finance by completing postgraduate papers, take a look at our Master of Management Studies in Finance.

We also offer a 12-month, highly practical Master of Applied Finance, which is ideal for students who have never majored in finance before.

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Key information

Study Locations:Hamilton, Tauranga
Papers offered differ by location. The Catalogue of Papers has full location info.
Area of Study:

Career opportunities

  • Commercial and investment banker
  • Corporate banker
  • Corporate financer
  • Financial or business analyst
  • Financial manager
  • Financial planner/advisor
  • Banker (commercial, investment, small business, rural, industry)
  • Merger and acquisition specialist
  • Sharebroker
  • Stockbroker
  • Treasurer
  • Investment advisor
  • Actuary
  • Financial regulator
  • Portfolio manager
  • Trader/Mutual fund analyst

Study in Tauranga

You can complete the Bachelor of Business in Finance at our brand-new Tauranga CBD campus.

For advice before you enrol, please contact the University of Waikato Tauranga Student Services team.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0800 WAIKATO

100 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
FINAN101Introduction to Finance15.021A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga), 21B (Waikato Pathways College), 21H (Hamilton) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper introduces the three core areas of finance - financial management, investments, and capital markets and institutions. The paper also examines applications of corporate finance concepts to personal finance.
MATHS168Preparatory Mathematics15.021A (Hamilton) & 21B (Hamilton)
Basic algebraic concepts and an introduction to Calculus and Statistics. This paper provides a last chance for students to correct a weak background in mathematics. Students who meet the prerequisites of MATH165 or MATH166 should take one of those papers instead.

200 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
FINAN200Financial Management 115.021A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga), 21B (Hamilton) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper deals with the principles and practice of financial management. It examines corporate capital budgeting, capital structure theory, dividend policy and net working capital management.
FINAN202Investments 115.021A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper deals with the principles and practice of investment analysis. Building upon the concepts of risk-return trade-offs and the efficient market hypothesis, the paper examines: modern portfolio theory and asset pricing models.
FINAN204Entrepreneurial Finance15.021A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper investigates the key issues relating to small business finance, especially in New Zealand. Empirical evidence, theoretical models and government policy are considered.

300 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
FINAN302Investments 215.021A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga), 21B (Hamilton) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper builds upon knowledge of FINAN202 Investments 1, and examines valuation of fixed income securities, equities and alternative investments, portfolio performance evaluation, and the psychology of investing.
FINAN303Computer Modelling in Finance15.021A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga), 21G (Hamilton) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper enables students to understand financial modelling and its usefulness. It ensures that students have skills in financial problem solving from a corporate perspective using Excel and visual basic.
FINAN304Financial Risk Management15.021B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga), 21H (Online) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
The course deals with how risks are quantified and managed, particularly for financial institutions.
FINAN305Financial Management 215.021A (Hamilton), 21B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
As a second paper in financial management, this paper further examines a firm's capital structure policy, dividend and pay-out policy, short-term financial management, and several advanced topics.
FINAN306Capital Markets and Financial Institutions15.021B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga) & 21X (Zhejiang University City College, Hangzhou China)
This paper provides students with an introduction to Australasian financial markets and an evaluation of the institutions, instruments and participants involved in the industry.
WSAFE396Management Internship15.021A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga), 21B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga), 21C (Hamilton) & 21C (Tauranga)
The Management Internship provides students with the opportunity to apply their management discipline-based knowledge to an authentic project within an organisation.
WSAFE399Report of an Investigation15.021A (Hamilton), 21A (Tauranga), 21B (Hamilton), 21B (Tauranga), 21C (Hamilton) & 21C (Tauranga)
This paper offers students the opportunity to complete a directed investigation of an approved topic relevant to an organisation or industry and in an area related to their management discipline of study.

500 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
ECONS528Econometric Topics: Macroeconomics and Finance15.021A (Hamilton)
This paper provides students with theoretical and practical skills in econometrics that should enable them to carry out a wide range of applied analyses involving macroeconomics and finance. The prime focus of this paper is on the application of time-series econometrics. The topics covered include econometric estimation and testing...
ECONS543Applied Econometrics15.021B (Hamilton)
A postgraduate paper in econometrics for students who have not included an advanced paper in econometrics in their undergraduate degree.
FINAN500Financial Management and Institutions15.021A (Hamilton)
This paper provides students with a deep understanding of banking and financial services sector, focusing on their role in the functioning and well-being of the economy.
FINAN504International Corporate Finance15.021A (Hamilton)
This paper deals with finance subject matters faced by multinational corporations. The course examines exchange rate determinations, currency exposure management, international investment and international capital budgeting.
FINAN506Corporate Finance15.021B (Hamilton)
This paper is designed to prepare students to develop the leadership skills necessary for making optimal corporate financial decisions.
FINAN508Investments and Financial Markets15.021B (Hamilton)
This paper provides an introduction to the structure and functioning of equity, bond markets, and derivative markets.
FINAN509Financial Modelling15.021B (Hamilton)
This paper equips students with financial modelling skills and its usefulness in financial decision making.
FINAN511Advanced Corporate Finance30.021B (Hamilton)
This paper deals with the current thinking and research in corporate finance. The material covers core areas such as the cost of capital, optimal capital structure, dividend policy, leasing, agency theory, IPOs, and managerial compensation.
FINAN512Investments and Portfolios30.021A (Hamilton)
This paper provides a more advanced treatment on portfolio analysis, capital market models, efficient market hypothesis, bond portfolios, and evaluation of portfolio performance. Students are required to complete an empirical study on investments of publishable quality using real world data.
FINAN515International Finance15.021H (Hamilton)
This paper provide students with a thorough understanding of international financial flows in today's dynamic world economy. Initially the paper will focus on the analysis of international financial environment, international financial /monetary system, foreign exchange markets, exchange rate determination, international trade, and...
FINAN518Financial Risk Management15.021G (Hamilton)
This paper equips students with the skills of managing financial risk exposures: interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk and commodity price risk. It is an advanced paper utilising the latest research pertaining to financial risk.
FINAN519Derivatives15.021B (Hamilton)
This paper aims to enhance students' ability to understand and analyse derivatives beyond simple futures and options. Major topics include Black-Scholes model, delta-hedging, portfolio insurance, basic numerical procedures, value at risk, GARCH conditional volatility models, credit derivatives, interest rate derivatives and real op...
FINAN520Financial Econometrics15.021G (Hamilton)
This paper equips students with advanced tools for the analysis of financial data, including the return forecasting, volatility and econometrics of asset pricing. It is an advanced paper utilising the latest research pertaining to financial econometrics. Students will develop skills with R, Stata and other econometric software.
FINAN521Finance Project15.021H (Hamilton)
This paper provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate knowledge learnt in this programme by writing a research report.
FINAN590Directed Study30.021X (Hamilton)
Students have the opportunity to pursue a topic of their own interest under the guidance of academic staff.
FINAN591Finance Dissertation30.021X (Hamilton)
A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
FINAN592Finance Dissertation60.021X (Hamilton)
A report on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation.
FINAN593Finance Thesis90.021X (Hamilton)
An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.
FINAN594Finance Thesis120.021X (Hamilton)
An externally examined piece of written work that reports on the findings of supervised research.
MNMGT582Research Methods in Management Studies for Economics and Finance15.021B (Hamilton)
This paper introduces students to research paradigms commonly used in research in management studies. It will develop skills in the critical evaluation of research literature, the identification of research problems, and the preparation of research proposals. Students completing the paper will develop a proposal for research in the...

800 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
FINAN800Finance MPhil Thesis120.021X (Hamilton)
No description available.

900 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
FINAN900Finance PhD Thesis120.021I (Hamilton) & 21X (Hamilton)
No description available.

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