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Health Promotion

Health Promotion is the art of working with people and communities to improve health outcomes.

Health Promotion is a multi-disciplinary field that is focused on helping individuals, communities and society achieve improved health outcomes in ways that uphold the mana of all people involved.

Central to the role of the health promotor is kawa whakaruruhau (cultural safety), which recognises the importance of participants within health promotion feeling safe and valued for who they are.

Health Promotion uses a multidisciplinary approach to understanding hauora as practice, and to examine approaches that contribute to a health system which can revitalise the mana of our communities by promoting health and reducing health inequities.  Health Promotion embraces integrative knowledge of theories and analytical approaches (across psychology, health communication, sociology, epidemiology, and Māori and indigenous studies) to understand, critique and design health initiatives, policies, practices, interventions and their outcomes.

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  • Community and client engagement
  • Health promotion planning and development
  • Health communication
  • Health promotion policy developoment

100 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
BIOEB101Concepts of Biology - Ngā Huatau o te Koiora15.024A (Hamilton)
An introduction to the foundations of biology, including the structure and functioning of cells, evolution, the origins and diversity of life, and a tour of the major forms of life and their defining characteristics. He whakataki tenei pepa i nga matapono o te koiora taea noatia te hanganga me nga whainga o te putau, o te kuneroa...
BIOMD101Introduction to Human Biology - Tinana Tangata Koiora15.024A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
This paper will introduce the student to the basics of human anatomy and physiology. He whakataki tenei pepa i te hunga tauira ki nga tuapapa o te matai tinana me te matai whaiaroaro o te ira tangata.
CHEMY100Chemistry in Context - Matū o te Ao15.024A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
This paper covers a broad range of chemical concepts that are fundamental to the sciences and engineering. A strong emphasis is made to teach concepts through real-life examples from the world around us. He toro na tenei pepa i nga tumomo tuapapa o te matai matu kei te tuapapa o nga horopaki putaiao, pukaha hoki He kaha hangai te ...
HELTH102Drugs in Sport and Society15.024A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
This paper introduces students to foundational academic skills using the context of drug use for purposes of recreation and performance enhancement.
HELTH120Navigating Hauora in Aotearoa and the Pacific15.024A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
This paper explores Hauora in Aotearoa from Maori and Pacific perspectives. Students will develop an understanding of the significance, relevance, and adoption of cultural concepts and perspectives, Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi, and a range of Maori and Pacific hauora models and frameworks in national, regional, and loca...
HMDEV100Lifespan Development15.024A (Hamilton), 24B (Online) & 24B (Tauranga)
HMDEV100 focuses on understanding and enhancing human development through an exploration of biological, psychological, social and cultural factors that influence patterns of development and learning over the lifespan.
HPSCI101Introduction to Human Performance Science15.024B (Hamilton) & 24B (Tauranga)
This paper will provide an introduction to Human Performance Science.
HTHPR101Promoting Mental and Physical Health15.024B (Hamilton) & 24B (Tauranga)
This paper provides a broad introduction to health promotion. It includes an overview of core models for health promotion from medicine, psychology, sociology, and education. A range of key aspects of mental and physical health that are a focus of health promotion will be introduced.
MAORI150Te Tiriti o Waitangi: An Introduction to the Treaty of Waitangi15.024A (Hamilton), 24B (Hamilton) & 24X (Hamilton)
This paper seeks to provide a sound understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi. It reviews historical and contemporary interpretations and takes into account the interplay of contextual issues of the time.
PSYCH100Brain, Behaviour and Cognition15.024A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
This paper introduces perceptual systems, mechanisms of learning, emotions and motivation, the biological basis of psychology, such as brain structure and functioning, processes underlying behaviour, memory and cognition.
SDCOA101Sport, Culture and Development: Trends and Issues15.024B (Hamilton), 24B (Online) & 24B (Tauranga)
In this paper students will gain an introduction to sociological understandings of sport and movement cultures. They will develop new ways of critically thinking about the important role sport plays in contemporary society, including the economy, politics, tourism, the media, and our sense of identity, belonging and community. Stud...
SDCOA102The Coaching Process15.024A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
Understanding the coaching process is fundamental to supporting the development of athletes across participation, development, and high-performance contexts. The purpose of this paper is to introduce students to the study of sport coaching, providing students with the knowledge and skills required to design and deliver high quality...

200 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
HELTH201Epidemiology and Bio-statistics15.024B (Hamilton)
This course provides students with basic understanding of the techniques and uses of epidemiology in preventing poor health, health planning and evaluation.
HELTH220Facilitating Hauora in Aotearoa and the Pacific15.024A (Hamilton) & 24A (Tauranga)
This paper explores conceptual and applied understandings of Maori and Pacific health and wellbeing, with a focus on dual impacts of colonisation and social determinants of health. It also explores the relationship between traditional whenua-based practices of hauora and their relevance to modern society. Underpinning the paper is ...
PUBRL202Health Communication15.024A (Hamilton)
This paper explores the construction and evaluation of communication campaigns to address health issues in communities and organisations. The campaigns use communication theory to design persuasive and innovative health campaigns.

300 Level

Code Paper Title Points Occurrence / Location
PUBRL303Events Management15.024A (Hamilton)
This experiential paper draws together best practice in event management from a practical, business, and operational perspective. The paper covers researching, designing, planning, and implementing an event for a client.
SOCPY302Welfare to Workfare and Beyond15.024B (Hamilton) & 24B (Online)
This paper seeks to explore the relationship between the NZ labour market and welfare system, focusing on the rise of the neo-liberal welfare state, its consequence and alternatives.

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