Abbey Hilson

Bachelor of Communication Studies

Public Relations, Marketing

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Communication Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing

"I've always been passionate about people and the impact they can have on businesses," says Abbey Hilson, a Bachelor of Communication Studies graduate who's now  working as an account manager at LeadSocial in Hamilton.

"Communication is key for any business to succeed, and it was this passion that led me to study Public Relations (PR) at Waikato University."

"Our lecturers not only taught us the theory of PR, but also gave us the opportunity to put all of our knowledge into practice."

"Creating a real-life public relations campaign in third year was 100% the highlight of my BCS degree. We learnt how to deal with people, clients, deadlines, stress and all the things that come with working in the real world. It was a great stepping stone into what we would face when leaving university."

"Another PR paper challenged us how to deal with a reputational crisis facing an organisation; the scary stuff. Was it out of my comfort zone? Completely. But I learnt how to deal with the uncomfortable aspects of PR as well."

"Thanks to my lecturers at Waikato, I was given a solid foundation of what the real PR world is like, and I thoroughly enjoyed it."

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