Aidan Sarikaya

Key Info

  • Professional hockey player, Vantage Black Sticks
  • Professional hockey player, Vantage Black Sticks
  • Bachelor of Laws

What made you choose to study here?

I was offered the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship which was a big drawcard. There’s also a strong hockey hub in Hamilton with Midlands being based here, so I knew I would be getting good training sessions as well.

How are your studies going?

I’m into my third year of study after taking last year off to play half a season in Europe. I love what I’m studying and enjoy having something else to focus on alongside hockey.

What do you plan on doing when you finish your degree?

Later on I may sit the bar and become a lawyer but I think I’ll give my hockey career the best chance and fully commit to that.

Highlight of your degree so far?

Not many of my school friends went to Waikato so it was cool meeting a range of other people – especially through Hillary Scholarship. There were opportunities to meet people from all different walks of life, studying different things and competing or performing at the highest level.

How do you juggle your sporting commitments alongside study?

­I’m up in Auckland a lot for training so I have to set a certain amount of time aside each day where I can re-watch any lectures that I’ve missed and take time to study for tests or finish assignments.

What has been the journey with hockey since being named in the NZ U21 squad?

Since then I debuted for the National team in November 2017 in a two test series in Australia. I was also selected for the Commonwealth Games team where we won silver in 2018.

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