Aminath Adam

Doctor of Philosophy


Key Info

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Education
  • The University of Waikato International Doctoral Scholarship 2012

Aminath Shafiya Adam is a Maldivian who worked as a teacher educator for about eight years in the Maldives, before taking study leave to undertake doctoral study.

About her research: While working as a teacher educator, Aminath had experienced the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its positive impact on the learning and teaching process. Her experiences of ICT use led her to explore more about how ICT tools can create a better learning environment for students, and which pedagogical strategies seemed to fit.

She is currently researching how ICT can be embedded in the teacher education programmes at the Maldives National University (MNU). She is conducting qualitative research using semi-structured interview, observation and focus group discussion methods for gathering information from twelve teacher educators.

Aminath says conducting research in teacher education has enabled her to understand her own practice and made her think critically about various issues related to teaching to teachers.

Her long-term goal is become a researcher in the field of teacher education, and also develop and improve her practice of teaching to teachers.

Why Waikato? Aminath chose the University of Waikato, after recommendations from several of her work colleagues in the Maldives, who had obtained their higher qualifications from Waikato.  “I found it (Waikato) is one of the most prestigious universities in New Zealand. The rich academic learning space it provides to the doctoral candidates is remarkable. I have enriched my research knowledge through various discussions that have been offered in the university.”

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