Andrew Mumford

Andrew Mumford

Master of Business Administration

Waikato Management School

“I met some great people who I remain in contact with and some of my fellow participants have facilitated excellent opportunities to grow personally and professionally,” he says. “The programme was engaging and challenging. I particularly liked the 758 where we were able to consult to AgResearch. The team management skills I learned have helped me to motivate and develop staff in my current role and to keep projects on track.”

Andrew is a Senior Product Manager at Fisher & Paykel Heathcare. He manages the operational aspects of marketing for the Respiratory and Acute Care part of the business. That includes overseeing product managers involved in the development, release, planning, manufacture, distribution and reporting of RAC products and the creation of product technical information.

“I also manage the marketing support team and suppliers and focus on projects that support sales representatives to excel in their roles,” says Andrew. “This role provides great opportunities to directly affect the top and bottom line results with a great mix of ‘working in’ and ‘working on’ the business.”

Married with a young daughter, Andrew decided to take on the MBA when he was working as the New Zealand Country Manager for ZOLL Medical, a company that manufacturers a range of cardiac defibrillators and monitors.

Before ZOLL Andrew was a Sales Representative with AstraZeneca for five years in the Waikato / BOP region where he honed his customer relationship, sales and presentation skills as well as getting an understand of marketing activities.

Andrew and Tanya have a young daughter named Eleanor who is the apple of his eye. “I never quite understood that expression until Eleanor was born but it is so fitting.”

Andrew’s MBA gave him a new repertoire of resources to call on and inspired passion for seeking new ways to solve problems. “I read and seek a lot more knowledge from a wider range of sources that I did before the course,” he says.

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