Becky Dawson-Smith

Bachelor of Science

Computer Science

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Computer Science

I’ve always had a huge interest in science but I also had interest in design and multimedia. I like that studying Computer Science allows me to utilise my analytical and problem solving skills, but also gives me opportunities to be creative. I also use computers all the time and thought “Why not get a degree out of something I already do?

I was a member of Computer Science Student Society (CS3) during my last 2 years at Uni. In my final year I also joined Waikato United Gaming Society (WUGS) and was a committee member of Ladies Inc. These clubs were so beneficial to me during my time here and it was great to have support networks of like-minded people. I also felt very fortunate to have classmates that were willing to help me out during labs, tutors that were great at explaining concepts I didn’t understand, and as cliché as it sounds, I made some friends who have had a huge impact on my life.

Since leaving Waikato I’ve joined ASB as a Graduate Engineer in their Start Me Up program. In my current rotation, I work in the Service Transition team. The work I do can vary depending on what technology changes or releases are occurring at the time, but most of what I do involves helping other staff members with change management and working on improving the change management process. In a typical week I will help staff with change requests, attend stand-ups for projects, facilitate CAB (Change Advisory Board) meetings, produce a weekly report, and attend a workshop to expand my knowledge about how ASB works.

The support provided by Careers Development Services definitely helped me get into the graduate program. I was able to get feedback on my CV and cover letter, and the workshops and Student Job-Ready Day I attended gave me a great level of confidence. Working as a ‘demo’ in the labs gave me valuable experience and being involved in clubs also showed I aligned with ASB’s values.

Studying Computer Science at Waikato would be an awesome opportunity for you to challenge yourself and meet people who will change your life. It is hard work but incredibly rewarding. Computing and Mathematical Sciences are such important subjects and the faculty has great tutors and clubs to support you.

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