Ben Good

Ben Good

Bachelor of Management Studies (Management)

Waikato Management School

Former Cambridge High School head boy Ben Good has continued to excel in his chosen sport of Kenpo Karate. In the last six years Ben has put in dominant displays on the international stage at both the Oceania Kenpo 5.0 Championships and the World Kenpo 5.0 Fighter Championships.

At the bi-annual Oceania event he won his divisions sparring titles both at home and across the ditch for three years running until placing second in 2016, and had placing’s in the top three for the self-defence and forms category each year.

In 2013 Ben first traveled to Las Vegas, USA with a New Zealand Representative team of around 25 other competitors to compete on the world stage.

After winning his sparring division he progressed through to the grand finals, where he faced an imposing 6th degree black belt. A close loss was the result, but Ben left Vegas having firmly stamped his name (on debut to the world stage) as one to watch in the future.

The year 2013 ended with Ben successfully grading to a 1st degree black belt, and he is now taking on more and more active roles instructing other students within his club.

Since then, Ben has returned to Las Vegas once more in 2015, this time as a 2nd degree black belt. Once again he won his division to progress through to the grand finals. This time however he was up against another Kiwi - a 5th degree black belt from Auckland who was the former national director of Kenpo 5.0 in New Zealand. Another close fight saw Ben just come up short but happy to take away second against such a strong opponent. In January 2016 Ben returned from a year overseas studying in France for a semester before securing an internship in London.


1st - Self Defense - World Kenpo 5.0 Fighter Championship - 29/06/2013

Self-Defense (Male 18+ Brown Belt)

The Self-Defense category requires competitors to choreograph and re-enact a self-defense scenario based on (but not limited to) techniques learned in one's syllabus. Self-Defense is judged on 3 specific criteria; Practicality, Execution and how realistic the scenario is.

1st - Forms - World Kenpo 5.0 Fighter Championship - 29/06/2013
Forms (Male 18+ Brown Belt)

Forms incorporate a wide range of sequential movements related to the specific syllabus of one's belt level. Forms are judged on intensity, execution and flow.

1st - Sparring - World Kenpo 5.0 Fighter Championship - 29/06/2013

Sparring (male 18+ Brown Belt, U179lbs)

Sparring is based on a continuous point system involving full contact fighting with both stand up and ground fighting allowed. There are two rounds - 1 round of 2 mins, a 1 min break then another 1 min round. Each fighter acquires points from clean shots to the body and/or side of the head (no straight shots to the face), a successful take-down, holding a position of dominance on the ground (for more than 10 sec), and causing their opponent to submit (tap-out). At the end of the fight the points are tallied up and the winner decided. A competitor can also win a fight through means of knock-out.

Black Belt - 23/11/2013

Successfully graded to 1st degree Black Belt
National Grading

2nd Degree Black Belt - 22/11/2014

Successfully graded to 2nd Degree Black Belt

2nd Grand Champ Sparring - 26/06/2015

2nd place in Grand Champion Sparring Event (lightweight Adults Division) at the World Kenpo 5.0 Fighter Championship held in Las Vegas

2nd Place - Sparring - 12/03/2016

2nd place in Sparring Event (lightweight Adults Division) at the Oceania Championships held in Sydney, Australia


Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship

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