Ben Scanlon

Bachelor of Nursing

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Pacifica Excellence Scholarship

With his father a doctor and his mum a nurse, health care and medicine run in the family for Bachelor of Nursing student Ben Scanlon. That family background, along with a high school trip working with the poor in Cambodia, helped Ben decide nursing was a profession that he would like to try.

“I had a passion for community service throughout high school and knew I wanted to do something that positively impacts vulnerable communities. I was fortunate to attend a school service/mission trip to Cambodia back in 2019, and one of the programmes involved us giving basic first aid to those living in the slums who couldn't afford medical interventions.”

“I believe in standing up for those who are vulnerable, who perhaps feel like they don't have a voice and those who need extra support to succeed.  That kind of thing starts from the way you choose to place yourself within society and how you can impact others in your role.

“As a nurse I can impact people in their most vulnerable times of their life and I am motivated to push a positive impact through my actions as a nurse, by being a part of communities that need that way of thinking to thrive.”

Ben was born and raised in Hamilton and has lived there most of his life.  He said he had a gut feeling that the University of Waikato was right for him, and was sold on the emphasis on more hands-on clinical hours in the University’s nursing degree course.

He says a highlight of the degree so far has been applied health sciences.

“I’ve really enjoyed it, despite it being the hardest class for me.  It has given me an appreciation for just how complex the human body is.”

Ben’s current plan is to get at least two years of work experience in New Zealand and then seek international experience to develop his scope of practice and skills.

Ben’s advice to others considering studying at Waikato is to look at all your options. He says disruptions due to Covid-19 during the year highlighted the great support network available from colleagues and staff members.

“See if it works for you – for me it was a match.  I have found it a very supportive atmosphere – everyone is unique, but in my opinion, it is very well structured and the right choice.

“It's scary choosing what you want to do and I can tell you this degree is a journey of ups and downs in the first year alone, but one that leaves you proud of your accomplishments.

"Don't freak out when you forget half the content each week and feel like you have to know everything, you learn it over time and it's great because no matter what, everyone’s still learning and you’re all in the same boat.”

Ben is looking forward to the summer break, seeing in the new year at Raglan and spending time with family and friends

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