Brendan Theodore

Front of House Manager, Maidment Theatre - Auckland, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Theatre Studies
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship

With a passion for theatre and film from a young age, the decision to enrol in a Bachelor of Arts came naturally to theatre enthusiast Brendan Theodore.

"During the course of my tertiary study my interests in theatre became much more specific as the course work introduced new and exciting topics which I'd never known about in great detail. I developed even more of a hunger for the performing arts and became heavily submerged in projects around Hamilton, some as part of my degree, and some extracurricular."

Brendan gained many useful skills from his degree which are now highly relevant to his career, skills such as publicity and administration for the arts, as well as an understanding of theatre audiences.

A Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar, Brendan embraced many opportunities during his time at Waikato, including becoming involved with Hamilton-based theatre group 'Carving in Ice Theatre', run by Theatre Studies Senior Lecturer, Gaye Poole.

Brendan now works as the Manager - Front of House Services for the Maidment Theatre in Auckland, where he is responsible for managing Front of House staff, high profile performances and events, and venue hospitality services.

"My role is extremely varied and no two days are the same. I could be at work during office hours one day, busy with administrative duties and venue operations, making sure the theatre is ready to receive its next influx of patrons, and the next I might arrive late afternoon, run Front of House for a performance and manage a post-show function of 400 people late into the evening."

"A solid understanding of the many different forms of theatrical performance, as well as the knowledge gained from a practical study of performance at Waikato has helped me immensely in my current role. I have been able to use this knowledge in many situations which has contributed to the success of several events I have been involved with at the Maidment."

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