Buck Trafford

Engineering Manager at Ernslaw One Ltd

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Geography

Buck Trafford came to the University of Waikato from Gisborne Boys' High School with the intention of completing a bachelors degree followed by a teaching qualification, but instead decided to specialise in Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Fast forward to Buck's life after graduating with a Bachelor of Social Science (Hons) - he is working as a Harvesting Manager and has worked in the forestry industry for over five years. His work involves harvesting crews and operational work. He is also has responsibilities in finances, pricing, budgets and scheduling and ensuring compliance reaches the highest levels possible.

“Studying at Waikato has enabled me to create a network of lifelong friends, who are scattered around the world, enjoying an array of experiences and employment.”

Buck’s advice to prospective Waikato students? “Don’t hesitate, it's an awesome experience and you won't regret it. Think about where you see yourself in 10 years and put in the work to achieve that goal.”

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