Caleb Coffey

Caleb Coffey

Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business Analysis (Theatre Studies)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Waikato Management School

2017 was Caleb Coffey's final year of Theatre Studies as part of a BA/BBA(Fin) conjoint.

Caleb relishes in bringing a character to life and it’s this aspect of theatre that he enjoys most. He’s been involved in multiple productions with the the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship Programme, with performances such as "Yesterday an Incident Occurred", and "Blue Stockings" under his belt.

Caleb, has also been involved in other Hamilton theatre work including a commemorative performance in "Once on Chunuk Bair" for the centennial anniversary of WWI.

In the future, Caleb hopes to become a paid actor, but through his final university he was simply looking to vary his acting by undertaking roles vastly different to the acting scene he is used to.


Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship

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