Caroline Downey

Events Manager, Maxim Institute - Auckland, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • English
  • Geography

Being open-minded and willing to take on different challenges has seen Caroline Downey soar through her degree and into a job as Events Manager at the Maxim Institute in Auckland.

A Bachelor of Arts graduate, majoring in English and Geography, Caroline's finely-tuned attention to detail translates well into a job that's all about organisation.

"My role is to oversee the process of event construction, right through to event delivery, and all the elements in between," she says. "Every day is quite different and the days' tasks depend on where each event's progress is at."

Caroline says her study experience at the University of Waikato placed her in good stead for her first job.

"My study contributed significantly to the way in which I approach the world, people, and my work. I learnt to articulate my thoughts and ideas confidently, and to constantly explore and ask questions of my lecturers and classmates."

Caroline recommends getting involved as much as you can outside of the classroom. "Joining volunteer organisations or clubs while you study is a great way to build up your transferable skills."

At Waikato, Caroline was an active member of the University's football club, the ultimate frisbee club, and served as a student representative in many of her classes.

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