Chantelle Cobby

Bachelor of Communication Studies

Leadership Communication, Strategic Management

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Communication Studies
  • Leadership Communication
  • Strategic Management

Rotorua-born Chantelle Cobby, who graduated with a Bachelor of Communication Studies majoring in Leadership Communication, is focused on working to better the community.

Today, Chantelle is kept on her toes with three part-time jobs; doing fundraising and marketing for ShelterBox NZ; copywriting and digital marketing for Dimple Digital; and managing social media for Impact Hub Waikato.

Eventually one day she hopes to find a role that involves social enterprise or community development.

Looking back at her time at the University of Waikato, Chantelle can’t believe that three years of study has gone so quickly.

“When I was looking for a University, Waikato really stood out because of its smaller size, which meant I could develop personal relationships with other students and lecturers. I felt like I would be a real person, not just a number," she says.

“I love that you can walk around the Waikato campus and there’s always something happening or someone to have a chat with."

The Bachelor of Communication Studies degree encapsulated what Chantelle was looking for - a mix of business, strategy and leadership that played to her strengths.

“My favourite paper was the Introduction to Leadership paper I took in my very first semester. It was so insightful, gave us the opportunity to be vulnerable and learn more about ourselves and our leadership potential.”

During her time at uni, Chantelle worked as head of research and community for Seed Waikato, and helped with fundraising and PR efforts for Hospice Rotorua.

She also launched a new student club on campus called the Waikato Micro-Volunteering Collective.

“Micro-volunteering is the idea that a huge positive impact can collectively be created when people each complete tiny volunteer tasks, all of which adds up to make a big difference,” she explains.

“I want to reduce the barriers that commonly prevent students from volunteering, and instead simplify it, by breaking it into small, achievable, yet fun and interactive tasks.”

Starting the club was a natural fit for Chantelle, who grew up volunteering and being involved in her local community while she was a student at Rotorua Girls’ High School, where she was also named Dux.

“Even though I have now graduated from university, the club is continuing, and with everything happening at the moment with Covid-19, we are looking into offering volunteering opportunities online. Overall, I’m proud of what we have achieved so far.”

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