Chris Wakefield

Manuka Health - Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Science (Technology)
  • Biochemistry

St Paul’s student, Chris Wakefield, has been passionate about Chemistry and Biology from a young age so his decision to enroll in Waikato’s Bachelor of Science (Technology) with a biochemistry major was relatively straight-forward.

During his time at the University of Waikato, Chris was fortunate enough to spend 12 months completing a work placement in Montreal Canada. This experience led to his first full-time graduate position at Manuka Health.

“By far the best part about my experience at Waikato University was the placements that were organised through the Co-operative Education Unit as part of the BSc(Tech) Programme. I had my first placement in my home town of Tauranga for three months over a summer and I was then lucky enough to be accepted for a 12-month placement in Montreal, Canada. This was an amazing experience where I learnt how a commercial research Lab worked.”

Chris is now part of a 6-person honey-testing team at Manuka Health in Te Awamutu.

“Our lab is split into chemical and microbiology labs. At this location we test 16 different aspects of the honey including activity in Manuka honey (Methylglyoxal), enzyme activity (Diastase) and yeast and mould counts. We also test other New Zealand health products produced my Manuka Health including bioactive compounds in NZ propolis” says Chris.

Chris really enjoyed his time at Waikato which led him to his dream job.

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