Christine Hall

Christine Hall

Master of Business Administration (Marketing)

Waikato Management School

Prior to starting the MBA programme at Waikato Management School, Christine Hall was looking for an opportunity that would give her career progression and expand her professional network.

"Coming from a background in the health sector, I wanted a business qualification that would enable me to move into management roles in other industries with confidence. The MBA most definitely helped me achieve this," she says.

"When I began my new role as general manager at Keys Social Housing, I was able to put all my MBA skills into practice and add value to the company right from the start. I’m still using many of the tools I was given 12 months down the track."

"I loved learning about marketing and strategy, and being pushed outside my comfort zone with accounting papers. Going to China and learning about business from a whole new perspective was an incredible experience too."

"Balancing full time work, study and family was a little tricky at times. It took a partnership between you, work and home to make it successful. I feel very happy and fulfilled knowing my family have seen me succeed and achieve my career goals."

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