Christy Chan

English teacher - Japan

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Japanese

Christy Chan is currently based in Japan, putting her degree to good use as an English teacher in a rural Japanese school.

"My job is to teach and assist students and teachers on the English language, including pronunciation and grammar. I also include cultural aspects of New Zealand in my lesson plans, and participate in after-school activities with my students," says Christy.

She says that while jobs like hers can be difficult to come by, having a background in Japanese and experience as a tutor while at University gave her an advantage.

Her degree also gave her a well-rounded view of the world. "I gained essential life skills that I can apply to so many aspects of my life, such as time management and communication skills, and I now have a much broader perspective of life."

She's taking full advantage of the culture Japan has to offer too. "Being in Japan means having access to some of the best food and activities in the world. There is always plenty to do, like activities at the local community centres where they teach tea ceremony classes and taiko drum classes."

Christy hopes to continue furthering her career in Japan by obtaining level one of the nationally recognised language proficiency test, "which is essential to have in order to work in Japan after the programme".

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