Cody Wright

Technologist, Hill Laboratories

Key Info

  • Master of Science
  • Chemistry

A passion for chemistry has led Cody Wright to an exciting position with New Zealand’s leading analytical testing laboratory.

Cody works in the research and development division at Hill Laboratories as a Technologist. This is his second position with the company.

He is involved in the testing of products for pesticide levels using a suite of high-tech equipment.

“While my previous role involved performing the tests myself, my current role is at an operational level. As new pesticides come onto the market and/or regulations are updated, we need to ensure that we can test for them down to the required detection limits. This often requires implementation of new and existing instruments and techniques to develop more effective testing methods.”

Cody went to high school at Katikati College. He was selected for direct entry into year two chemistry classes at university due to his exceptional grades in Year 13 chemistry.

During his studies he worked on a project which was published in a reputable journal of chemistry. “This subsequently allowed me to receive a summer scholarship, which gave me a head start on my research for the thesis portion of my MSc. Since then I’ve had two more papers published. The MSc really gave me a taste for research and I’d ultimately love to end up in a position where I was able to undertake research and development orientated work.”

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