Courtney Richmond

Bachelor of Arts

English, Theatre Studies

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • English
  • Theatre Studies
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship
  • Summer Research Scholarship

Courtney Richmond was drawn to study at the University of Waikato because of the dance papers that are offered. She has been a dancer for as long as she can remember and to be able to continue dance in her university studies was inviting. She was successful in securing a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship to study at Waikato - which helped seal the deal and she enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts with majors in English and Theatre Studies.

Courtney found that the dance papers allowed her to be both physically active and mentally stimulated, she says, "I felt challenged to question, explore, and discover new ways of considering the world. I’ve been able to study the things that truly interest me, and to connect with people who align with my interests and values."

Courtney used her time on campus to study in the library and work in the dance studio at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts while also squeezing in a few minutes soaking the sun on the Village Green. She says, "The thing I love most about life at university is diversity – every day brings something new."

The advice she would give to students at Waikato is, "Get out there and give things a go. There are so many amazing opportunities right in front of us if we are willing to step out of our comfort zone just a little bit and try things."

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