Daniel Stevenson

Associate, Deutsche Bank - New York, United States of America

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Management Studies
  • Finance
  • Strategic Management

When Daniel Stevenson finished his Bachelor of Management Studies degree in 2010, he headed straight to Sydney to work for Deutsche Bank.

The former Cambridge High School head boy was one of over 1,000 applicants chasing a handful of positions offered by the bank, working in corporate banking and finance.

Fast forward six years later, Daniel is still working for Deutsche but he's now an associate and living on Wall Street in New York; the heart of the financial world.

“I’m passionate and driven, and prepared to give things a go."

As an associate in the leveraged finance team, he advises clients from all over the world seeking finance for multi-billion dollar acquisitions or expansions.

"At my London graduate training I was in classrooms with people from Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Stanford and every other 'top' university you could think of, and I can say wholeheartedly that the knowledge I had from the University of Waikato was just as good as what they had."

Daniel credits his study at Waikato for giving him a practical hands-on approach to learning as opposed to the 'book-driven' nature of some other universities

A talented rugby player and athlete, he came to university on a Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship, intending to study law and social sciences.

But after taking one economics paper, he decided management was for him. “So I jumped ship and never looked back. Waikato Management School gave me a passion for business, and during my four years' study I took every opportunity to get different experiences.”

“The Waikato Management School Case Competition was one of the best things I ever did at university. The practical experience is invaluable and was a big part of my success.”

He says finance and strategic management were the perfect combination for a career in banking.

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