Dannie Jefferies

Master of Digital Business

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  • Master of Digital Business

MDigiBus student Dannie Jefferies is a small business owner, web/graphic designer, university tutor, wife, mother and dog trainer.

She is passionate about business improvement through the use of digital technology.

"Electronic commerce is shaping the future of business. We don’t know what technological advancements are right around the corner, but Waikato’s Master of Digital Business means you can be right on the edge of development, not waiting for it to happen but creating it," she says.

"The MDigiBus degree has been very rewarding. It has given me the confidence I needed around digital strategy and problem solving. The recognition and support I've received from the lecturers has just been phenomenal."

Dannie says she was excited when Waikato first offered its Bachelor of Electronic Commerce in 2000, as she wanted to start a career in IT, "but my children were very young at the time so I decided to wait until they were older".

After 28 years of juggling children, work, and starting her own web design business, Dannie finally realised her ambition to start her university degree in 2012. After graduating last year, she decided to keep studying for her master's degree.

"My advice to future MDigiBus students is to always be flexible and open to new opportunities.”

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