Dave Riches

Dave Riches

Master of Digital Business

Waikato Management School

Dave Riches is leading Tauranga City Council on what he calls "a journey of business transformation” to rapidly bring the council's services into the digital era.

A business improvement engineer who oversees 20 staff, his task is to introduce cutting-edge information systems and new processes that will deliver more efficient online services to the people of Tauranga.

"Solutions vary from mobile apps that allow builders to submit a building inspection report while they’re out on a job, through to asset management modelling solutions that can accurately forecast the council’s asset expenditure into the future."

Dave says the professional skills and knowledge he gained from his Master of Digital Business have made his job even more satisfying. He wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other potential students.

“It's a real selling point to have an MDigiBus from Waikato on your CV, so don’t hold back! Definitely consider taking the papers that have a practical element to them, as these will help you understand how to apply the theories learnt in class.”

He enjoyed attending face-to-face lectures at the University of Waikato’s Hamilton campus, meeting other students from diverse backgrounds, as well as the flexibility of taking some online papers.

For Dave, one of the highlights of the course was a group project to redesign a local firm’s IT organisational structure. “The IT manager liked our design so much that he contracted the team to implement it. Hard work, collaboration and accurate business analysis really paid off for us!”

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