Dillon Williams

Marketing Manager, Flex Fitness

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Management Studies
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management

As the marketing manager for Flex Fitness New Zealand, Dillon Williams is responsible for developing monthly campaigns to generate new customer leads, boost the profile of Flex Fitness clubs, as well as finding ways to improve customer service and retention of gym members.

“One of the highlights for me in this job is the people factor. I love working with business owners as I learn a lot from them,” says Dillon. "I enjoy the challenges and learning opportunities this role brings and find myself constantly developing cost-effective marketing solutions for branding and franchising."

The role was offered to him at the end of a five-month internship at Flex Fitness, which he undertook in the fourth year of his Bachelor of Management Studies with Honours degree.

“This helped me to get my foot in the door and prove myself," says Dillon. "For my internship I started out conducting industry research and competitor analysis for Flex Fitness using all the business models and knowledge they teach you in the BMS. It got to a point where we identified that Flex needed to help their six franchise owners market their own businesses more effectively, so I provided strategic recommendations on how to improve their positioning and product offering.”

In addition to his role at Flex Fitness, Dillon also runs his own social media marketing agency, Elevate Marketing Solutions, which specialises in developing strategy, content and advertising campaigns for Facebook and Instagram.

Dillon says he always knew he wanted to study business “and I’d heard that Waikato was the best place to be. Marketing grabbed my interest and it just developed from there.”

“The whole BMS degree is structured exceptionally well. The opportunities where you get to apply theories and models to real-life business cases are extremely valuable.”

In his job, Dillon regularly has to present and back up his marketing ideas to his employers, and he says the strategic management paper STMG391 gave him the confidence to do that.

“STMG391 gave me the opportunity to learn how to think critically and be able to back myself on the strategic business decisions I make. That was a massive learning curve for me and a great skill that I’ve taken with me into this role.”

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