Ella Grierson


Key Info

  • PhD

Ella is studying towards a PhD in Ecology & Biodiversity under the supervision of Associate Professor Mike Clearwater.  Her research explores the genes responsible for DHA accumulation in mānuka nectar (DHA is the precursor chemical of MGO which is responsible for its unique microbial features).

Ella completed her Master of Science in Biological Sciences at Waikato in 2014 and then spent six years working as a Research Associate for the New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research in Palmerston North.  She plans to return at the conclusion of her studies, hopefully to continue to work on mānuka and nectary research.

She loves being back in a University environment pursuing research on a topic she is passionate about.

To those considering postgraduate study in Science she recommends talking to as many people as possible about their experiences and taking the time to decide on the right project with the right supervisor, to lay the groundwork for a fulfilling experience.

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