Gabe Young

Microsoft HQ - Seattle, USA

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences with Honours
  • Computer Science
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship

Gabe completed his BCMS (First Class Honours) in 2011 and went to work at Microsoft HQ in Seattle, USA.

"It's an awesome place – I've learnt a lot and met some great people,” says Gabe. "After Microsoft I would like to get into some start-up work and come up with some really cool ideas.” While Gabe was still a student he did an internship for Google in Sydney. "The internship was a really good way to put the skills I learned into practice and it validated that Waikato was teaching me the right stuff."

He's a former world lightweight blokarting champion – lucky enough to travel overseas and compete during semester time without missing too many classes.

He was also a Sir Edmund Hillary scholar and met with other scholars twice a week to keep fit.

Gabe spent three years in the halls and loved every minute. He paid his rent by taking a senior residential assistant position in the halls. "It was an awesome experience and I took heaps away from my time there. The halls are definitely a great place to stay, you’ll make lifelong friends and make some good memories."

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