Grace Waters

PDV Consultants - Hamilton, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
  • Chemical and Biological Engineering

A typical day for Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) graduate, Grace Waters, can be anything but typical. One day she will be in the office and the next out on site seeing the project through to completion.

Working with a variety of different companies in her role at PDV Consultants means a variety of different challenges every day. Grace is involved with process engineering design, catering to the food and dairy industry. She works closely with clients such as Fonterra, Tatua and Dairy Goat, following a project through from its conceptual design stage to the commissioning on site.

Studying Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Waikato helped to develop Grace’s passion for process design. A summer internship at PDV Consultants further developed her enthusiasm and led to gaining a graduate position with the company on the completion of her degree.

Grace’s highlight of studying at the University of Waikato was the culture within the School of Engineering. “You felt like you were part of a community. The lecturers knew your name and wanted to help grow you.” The student culture within the School of Engineering was also particularly strong and supportive with the students experiencing the same challenges and milestones together.

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