Graeme Mackenzie

Policy Analyst, Ministry of Environment

Key Info

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours
  • Chinese
  • Political Science
  • Public Policy

Growing up in South Africa during the transition from apartheid to democracy contributed to Graeme’s fascination with government and politics and led him to want to study public policy.

“I chose Waikato as the political science and public policy department has a good reputation, and I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere in Hamilton.”

Graeme completed a Bachelor of Social Sciences majoring in Political Science and Chinese and then went on to do his Honours in Public Policy. He has also just completed his PhD thesis on Public Policy in South Africa.

Now working as a Policy Analyst for the Ministry for the Environment (MfE), Graeme credits his career success to his studies.

“My studies gave me the basic research and analysis skills necessary for this job. In addition, while assisting Professor Priya Kurian and Professor Debashish Munshi with their Marsden-funded study of sustainable citizenship in New Zealand, I gained some of the contacts and experience which proved useful in getting this particular job at the MfE.”

As a policy analyst, Graeme helps in the retrieval and analysis of information necessary to help shape the Minister for the Environment’s decisions on environmental policy.

“My main duties involve desk-based research, liaising with colleagues in this Ministry and other Government bodies, and the creation of policy documents. A typical day will involve lots of meetings, a lot of reading and analysis, and the creation of various policy documents.”

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