Grant Anderson

Relationship manager - E-invoicing, Inland Revenue - Wellington, New Zealand

Key Info

  • Master of Business Administration

Taupo man Grant Anderson was looking for further career advancement, and a way of formalising the value of his decades of experience as a Chartered Accountant and director, when he signed up for the Waikato MBA.

Grant’s previous roles in finance covered a wide range of business sizes and activities, from unknown start-ups to NZ public companies and multinationals. Although his experience had provided an in-depth understanding of the financial and operational aspects of business, he needed something to take him to the next level.

Grant says the MBA programme has certainly delivered in terms of intellectual challenge.

“Learning about myself, challenging my thinking and my emotions was difficult for me, but hugely worth it,” says Grant. “I have definitely grown a lot as a person as a result of doing the MBA.”

“The biggest unexpected bonus was the depth of the friendships I have made with my classmates, whom I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t taken the MBA programme. I think my life is richer from getting to know them.

Grant says his MBA helped him to secure a senior leadership position as Head of Accounting at Xero, based in Wellington, and then Head of Government Relationships.

“It shows a desire and motivation for self-improvement. Leading through personal power has been critical to my role at Xero, which requires me to influence and guide without direct line authority. Understanding when to work quietly behind the scenes and when to raise issues up vocally can be critical to success.”

Since then he's moved into a number of roles at Inland Revenue as External Relationship Manager, and now Relationship Manager - E-invoicing.

After completing his MBA with Distinction in 2015, Grant continued his involvement with the Waikato MBA programme as a highly regarded lecturer of strategic corporate finance and investment decision-making.

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