Hannah Dinh

Operations lead at Google - Dublin, Ireland

Key Info

  • Master of Management Studies
  • Finance

“Finance has always been my passion and the University of Waikato is very strong at corporate finance," says Master of Management Studies graduate Hannah Dinh, who is originally from Vietnam.

After initially establishing herself as a freelance business consultant, Hannah is now employed as an operations analyst for Microsoft in Singapore.

"I highly recommend the MMS degree at Waikato. It not only provides you with deeper knowledge in your field, but it also develops other skills needed to succeed in your future, such as communication, presentation and research skills.”

“I loved all the papers in my MMS, particularly the advanced corporate finance paper which gave me insights into different topics within corporate finance. It also enhanced my teamwork and presentation skills.”

As part of her MMS, Hannah took the opportunity to do a summer internship at Carter Holt Harvey, where she assisted with a major project focused on improving the company's asset management process.

“The objective of the project was to verify the status and value of 5,000 fixed assets. Doing the project taught me how to realistically manage a project and meet project deadlines. It also enabled me to network with finance managers and business unit managers at Carter Holt Harvey.”

Hannah graduated from the Master of Management Studies with First Class Honours.

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