Haulat Thebe

Bachelor of Nursing

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  • Bachelor of Nursing

For Tanzanian-born Haulat Thebe, her love of working with people and the opportunity to make someone’s path to recovery positively memorable were key reasons for choosing to study the Bachelor of Nursing.

“After years of working in the healthcare sector, I have grown to love the nursing profession and always wanted to be a part of the team of excellent nurses making a difference in our communities daily. To help someone achieve their health potential, being that helping hand when needed most - it blesses my heart,” she said.

Haulat says her friendly nursing classmates and teaching staff have been a highlight of her nursing study so far.

“Everyone’s support, dedication and commitment helped me turn up for all lectures. The clinical placement experience and the hours of hands-on experience from both paediatric and mental health, in a well-supported learning environment under the amazing team of clinical tutors were second to none.”

Haulat has enjoyed all subjects so far, but especially appreciated the Applied science and Assessment papers during her work placement.

“I could relate it back to my theory which helped me achieve positive patient-centered care,” she said.

Haulat hopes her genuine desire to care, treating everyone as individuals rather than painting all with the same brush, will help make a difference in New Zealand and around the world.

“I am looking forward to contributing my skills and knowledge to bring equitable healthcare outcomes to our vulnerable communities in Aotearoa and around the world.”

Haulat had studied graduate certificate papers at the University of Waikato previously, so the decision to continue her study there was easy.

“The great support for students and the culture at the University of Waikato is just perfect.  I have no regrets about studying here; it is one of the best things I have done for myself. The atmosphere and support available will help everyone go through with great success.

“Nursing is a rewarding profession with so many avenues of touching people’s lives. With the nursing degree, the opportunities are endless, and the sky is the limit.”

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