Holly Snape

Chief Executive, Community Waikato

Key Info

  • Master of Social Sciences
  • Sociology

The strong subject offerings within the School of Social Sciences is what attracted Holly to study at Waikato. With a keen interest in sociology and anthropology, she completed a Bachelor of Social Sciences and then went on to do her Masters.

“I found these subject areas to be fascinating and inspiring (particularly sociology). I was not so concerned at that point about what I would do for a career but found in hindsight that sociology was the perfect discipline for the career path I eventually took.”

Holly is now the Chief Executive for Community Waikato. Her role involves managing and supporting staff, securing funds for the operation of the organisation, networking both locally and nationally, report writing, and raising the profile for social service organisations in the greater Waikato region.

“My studies prepared me for working in the community sector. It opened my mind to the complexities of the issues that impact on people’s lives, life decisions and opportunities in life. I also started at management level, which I would not have been able to do without my qualifications.”

Grateful for the skills and experiences gained during her time at Waikato, Holly urges others to “study hard, follow your passion and remember to keep a balance in your life between work, friends and study".

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