Jackie Aveling

Jackie Aveling

Master of Business Administration

Waikato Management School

"Being able to stay in Tauranga with the support and comfort of home to complete the majority of my MBA was one of the main reasons I chose Waikato Management School," says Jackie Aveling.

"Then I only had to pop over the hill to Hamilton for my final year of study. It also meant I would create great business networks in the right location - where I worked."

"The MBA programme at Waikato has an excellent reputation, and the learning I gained and the people I met exceeded my expectations of what a Triple Crown Accredited MBA would offer."

"I was able to expand my thinking about business and how the business world operates in different cultures and contexts. I’ve developed a much broader management skill set, not only in terms of hard skills but also understanding people and having greater self-awareness as a manager."

"As a product development manager for animal nutrition at Ballance Agri-Nutrients, I have been able to directly translate my learnings into my everyday routine, and both I and the company are benefitting from my increased work capacity."

"I’m able to use techniques and skills I gained to create meaning in a broader range of situations, and I’m more confident in looking for new business opportunities."

"After completing my MBA I became a trustee and mentor to fellow businesspeople, which has given me an even greater sense of fulfilment."

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