Jocelyn Lee

Senior Lecturer, University of Technology MARA - Malaysia

Key Info

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Applied Linguistics

Finding new ways to engage second language learners was a key focus of Jocelyn’s research when she was completing her PhD at the University of Waikato.

Now she is putting this research to good use as a Senior Lecturer teaching academic reading and writing courses at the University of Technology MARA in Malaysia.

“My research degree paved the way for me to explore new grounds which I am not familiar with.”

Completing a higher degree presented its fair share of challenges for Jocelyn, however she learnt to be resilient.

“When there seems to be no way, there is always a way when we persevere and don’t give up. I learned about myself and about academia – and a lot of it wasn’t what I anticipated.”

“In terms of skills, my three-year research project honed my lens – the way I perceive things. I am empowered to ask intelligent questions and make insightful comments. In other words, I have become more analytical in many ways – one of the most useful skills in doing a higher degree.”

For Jocelyn the research journey continues, as she is aspiring to become an active academic researcher and to publish more papers in scholarly journals.

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